DAC Equal Opportunities Policy

The Members and Management of Doncaster A.C. are committed to incorporating equal opportunities into all aspects of its work.  Members, volunteers, employees and contracted service providers are expected to ensure that no one suffers discrimination, abuse or harassment on the grounds of race, sex, disability, marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or class.

The aim of the Equal Opportunities Policy is to promote respect for both individuals and groups in all aspects of service provision. By publishing and distributing good practice and encouraging all those associated with the Club by whatever means, to continually review, develop and improve sport and recreation policies and best practices designed to combat discrimination.


The Scheme will expect the membership and professional contacts to actively promote equality of access to services within their own work experiences. Services should be welcoming, and indicate an understanding and response to a variety of needs and requirements.

As service providers, it is essential to seek, monitor, review and react to customers’ views and experiences using a range of methods to consult various groups and individuals.  This consultation should be reflective of the local community for whom the service is provided.  Monitoring information should be developed in respect of a wide range of services and reviewed to ensure consultation and provision is effective.

Customers must have an equal opportunity to:

•        Be consulted on service needs

•        Know about service provision

•        Comment on the experiences of the service

•        Receive service

•        Be treated fairly and courteously

As service providers, the scheme will aim to give fair access to everyone and this will include making special or separate provision to ensure friendly, responsible and accessible services.


The group will expect the membership, and other professional contacts, to actively promote this policy within their own work experiences.

Special action should be taken to improve recruitment to work and training where disadvantaged groups are under represented.  Qualifications and length of experience should only be used in circumstances where they are considered essential.

Training will continually be made available, by the committee, in relation to equality for all.

People must have an equal opportunity to:

•        Know about jobs

•        Have full consideration

•        Meet job requirements

•        Be fairly and courteously treated

Doncaster A.C. will ensure that all employees and applicants for employment will be given equal opportunity in recruitment, training and in promotion, irrespective of their racial origins, sex, age, disability, marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or class.


Doncaster A.C. has an Equal Opportunities focus. Its aim is to identify those Equal Opportunity issues that influence the group, its members and sport and recreation.  The committee will provide guidance and proposals to further the cause of Equal Opportunities, both in the work place and in the provision of sport and recreation.

They will provide scheme members with updates, advice and interpretation of all statutory and other legislation appertaining to Equal Opportunity issues.  This will be in the form of the current information sheets.

Doncaster A.C. and its members should therefore:

•        Ensure employees, members, colleagues and customers are not discriminated against in any way.

•        Co-operate with measures produced by the Club to ensure Equal Opportunities and non-discrimination is adhered to.

•        Prevent inducement and attempts to criticise individuals on the grounds that they have made complaints or provided information on discrimination.

•        Ensure that employees, members, colleagues and members of the public are not harassed, abused or intimidated on account of their sex, marital status, age, race, disability, religious beliefs, sexuality or class.

•        Inform the Chairperson of the group if they are aware that discrimination is taking place in any area where the group has responsibility or influence.

•        Inform government departments and the Local Authority of Club considerations for best practice policy options relating to discrimination issues.

•        Ensure that the group and its members adhere to the Equal Opportunity Policy.