DAC Ultra Club

Ultra running is the competition of organised Ultramarathons.  Ultramarathons are races that are longer than traditional marathons (so officially longer than 26.219 miles).  Official results must be produced.

Ultramarathons can either be a set distance (say 30 miles) or time based where the athlete will cover as much ground in say 12 hours.

Some Ultra races have additional challenges such as navigation skills, a large emphasis on self support and very challenging hills.  Other ultras might just be laps of a lake or even as many laps of a running track as you can complete in 24 hours.

We also recognise relay type events such as Thunder Run where over a period of 24 hours your team will cover as many 10k loops as possible, so as an individual if you completed 5 laps as part of the team effort this would count (and would be identified as a relay).

Martin Hookway is our Ultra Captain and is always happy to give advice.

Good first time events might include Dawn till Dusk at Manvers lake (laps) or Hell on the Humber (running back and forwards over the Humber Bridge). These races, like the 12 and 24hr races, have runners returning to a base camp after short laps. The Grindleford Gallop falls short of ultra distance at only 21miles, but it is a great race to get the feel of ultra running, with 3000ft of accent and offers a great route through the Peak District. The Chester Ultra is a great entry level 50 mile race due to its great mix of terrain which is well marked and the checkpoints are very well stocked.







24hr Trail

24hr Track


Our ultra runners performances can be found here.


Mt Snowdon Ultra 50 – 2018

Pennine Barrier 50 – 2018

London to Manchester – 2018

The Joust – 2017

Great Britain Ultra 200 – 2017

Thunder Run – 2017