Endure 24, Dukeries 40 and Ilkley Half Marathon

Endure 24

Well done to our runners and guests who competed in this 5 mile relay race over 24 hours. All did amazing considering the COVID scares and amazing rain and thunder storm which caused the race to be called off for 3 hours around midnight.

May be an image of 7 people, including Marie Louise, Rose James Was Thompson, Michael Reynolds and Lydia Widdicks, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'MIZUNO ENDURE24 GLASTONBURY FOR UNNERS #ENDURE24 #ENDURE24 24 Hours of Fun #ENDURE24 24 Hour Party People Lets #ENDURE24 go Round Again Small some but BENDURE24 Awesome Relentless Brutal, #ENDURE24 Epic, #ENDURE24 Princess Trail'

Our solo man, Michael Reynolds completed 9 laps 🙂

Lap NoNameTime
1Michael Reynolds00:49:17
2Michael Reynolds00:48:30
3Michael Reynolds00:49:52
4Michael Reynolds01:28:56
5Michael Reynolds01:37:27
6Michael Reynolds03:00:26
7Michael Reynolds01:31:59
8Michael Reynolds09:40:30
9Michael Reynolds01:27:09

The ladies team finished 5th out of 36.

Lap NoNameTime
1Rose James00:42:09
2Rebecca Coates00:38:52
3Lydia Widdicks00:36:53
4Tracy Land00:46:42
5Marie Louise Taylor00:38:22
6Rose James00:45:22
7Rebecca Coates00:39:32
8Lydia Widdicks00:37:04
9Marie Louise Taylor00:41:39
10Rose James00:47:38
11Rebecca Coates00:41:28
12Lydia Widdicks00:41:18
13Marie Louise Taylor00:43:25
14Rose James00:48:44
15Rebecca Coates00:42:57
16Lydia Widdicks03:49:02
17Rose James01:20:18
18Marie Louise Taylor00:45:05
19Rebecca Coates00:44:02
20Lydia Widdicks00:41:03
21Marie Louise Taylor00:46:44
22Rebecca Coates00:45:01
23Lydia Widdicks00:40:45
24Rose James01:21:46
25Marie Louise Taylor00:54:18
26Rebecca Coates00:59:51
27Lydia Widdicks00:43:04

The mens team finished 6th out of 37.

Lap NoNameTime
1Mark Webster00:38:57
2Adam Cotterill00:35:30
3Ian Fleeton00:46:43
4Chis Moran00:32:34
5Derek Cave00:45:31
6Mark Webster00:36:28
7Adam Cotterill00:35:40
8Ian Fleeton00:47:08
9Chis Moran00:32:51
10Derek Cave00:48:08
11Mark Webster00:38:52
12Adam Cotterill00:37:39
13Ian Fleeton00:47:50
14Chis Moran00:34:44
15Derek Cave00:48:17
16Mark Webster00:39:04
17Adam Cotterill03:34:47
18Ian Fleeton00:48:40
19Chis Moran00:38:40
20Derek Cave00:52:40
21Mark Webster00:39:30
22Adam Cotterill00:41:20
23Ian Fleeton00:50:14
24Chis Moran00:35:15
25Derek Cave00:58:31
26Mark Webster00:43:14
27Adam Cotterill00:44:39
28Ian Fleeton00:48:12
29Chis Moran00:35:52
30Derek Cave00:52:37
31Mark Webster00:40:27

Dukeries 40

Claire Sayles completed a 40 mile ultra race in 9:51:10, great running Claire!.

Ilkley Half Marathon

Well done to Janet Hampson and Luke Osbon for completing this hilly road half marathon.

598Janet HampsonF451:53:28
688Luke OsbonM401:56:35