Endurance Runners Club

The 2022 Club Championships

Anyone who knows me and the club will understand this is a fun inclusive competition which all members are encouraged to take part in. All abilities are respected and you can walk or run these challenges. Whatever you do please take part and join in the fun. I admire those who find running more difficult and still have a go at these competitions than perhaps those who take more naturally to running, but at the same time I think its fantastic we can support and be pleased to see the club’s runners of all abilities getting some amazing times. A 15 minute mile to a 5 minute mile, its all good and to be celebrated.

The records are being updated by Chris Campbell in 2023.

All events will count so if we have 2 events in a month, they will both be included.

No virtual races will be counted unless stated.

Bonus points to be allocated for helping out at DAC organised races (road / trail / track) (15 points per event (maximum of 60 points).

Bonus points to be allocated for hitting mileage milestones. 500, 1000, 1500, 2000. 20 points for each milestone.

We will use 10-year age groups, the same as this year. Men and women scored separately. U17 age group for juniors (to be supervised by adults).

**New**Marathon – Complete a road or trail marathon between January and the end of September 2023 – This must have a UKA race liscence for the marathon distance and points will be awarded based on a good for age grade system. If you do more than one then your best time will be used.

2023 Events:

January events:

Your fastest Official Parkrun of the month. Use your official time please.

February events:

5 February 2023 – Dewsbury 10k (Full)

11 Febraury – Sandall Park parkrun

19 February 2023 – Wombwell 5 Mile

March events

19 March 2023 – Wakefield 10k

25 March 2023 – Seaside Ultra Marathon

Parkrun away run:

Following the sad news of the Cancellation of the Norton 9 in March, we have replaced this with, do any away parkrun on any Saturday in March. So not Sandall park or Cusworth. 4 chances. We will collect your best time at the end of the month. Post where you are going and car share. Don’t have to go far, Frickley Country parkrun , Barnsley parkrun, Rotherham parkrun are close.

April events

30 April 2023 – Run for Wildlife 10k

May Events

7 May 2023 – Pontefract 10k

14 May 2023 – Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon

28 May 2023 – Goole Riverbank Challenge

June Events

4 June 2023 – Orsted Great Grimsby 10k

21 June 2023 – Sandall Beat 7k

July Events

2 July 2023 – Withernsea 5

7 July 2023 – Donfaster 5km – Dome cycle track

August Events

6 August 2023 – Man V Barge (5 miles)

28 August – Sandall Beat 5k

September Events

3 September – Major Stone Half Marathon

17 September – Wetherby 10k

October Events

6 October – Donfaster 5km – Dome cycle track

November Events

19 November – Gainsborough 10k

19 November – South Yorkshire Cross Country

26 November – Doncaster 10k

Points to be scored as follows

The fastest will score 100 points and the slowest will score 25 points. All the others are scored evenly between 25 and 100. For example, if 6 ladies took part the scores would be 25, 40, 55, 70, 85 and 100. If 4 took part then it would be scored 25, 40, 75, 100.

Age grade

We also intend to present the leader board showing the age grade order as well as points order.

Your Best 15 point scoring races to be included