Graduation for our new runners from the Doncaster Pacers

We have had a amazing year with our beginner running group, the Doncaster Pacers.  We have introduced about 120 people to running and lots have stayed on with us to join Doncaster AC.  Some have gone on to run 5k (over 20 Pacers did the Doncaster 5k!), 10k, half marathons and full marathons! We regular see them running at the Doncaster parkrun as well.

The latest group to graduate did so on Thursday 6 November and they are invited to join our intermediate group where we will work with them to build them up to a hour of running and beyond.  9 weeks ago most of the group could not run and they are all running for 30 minutes now, well done all!


November 2014 Pacer Graduates

This is the perfect time to come and join the group if you can already run for 20 minutes or have had a go at the parkrun and you want to get quicker.  The group meets on Tuesday and Thursdays at the Doncaster AC running track, Keepmoat Stadium.  You can try us for free for few sessions and we have membership options from just £30 for a year.  More details here.  We can look after all pace of runners from 14 minute miles to 6 minute miles.

We have 11 qualified run leaders (click here to read our profiles) and an experienced coach looking after the group.

Our next beginners course starts on 27 January 2015 and this will cost £40 and include membership until 2015.

One of our run leaders, Janet Kerry recently won “Run Leader of the Year”, Janet was selected by England Athletics from all the run leaders from across Yorkshire and Humberside region.