Graves Park Cross Country Results – 9 December 2019

Well done to all our athletes competing at the last fixture of the South Yorkshire Cross Country League.  On the day it was the SY Cross Country Championships and medals were won by 1st F55 Caroline Wheelhouse, 2nd F45 Jane Purchase, 1st M60 Kev Newman, 1st V65 Mick Page.  
 Results for the overall series are not yet available.

Thanks to Bill and Kev for supporting us with the gazebo and fetching snacks, thanks to all the parents / friends who support out athletes and thanks to all who took part.

You can still enter the Yorkshire, Northern and National Cross Country Championships – check this link.

U11 Girls

1525007:50LillyAukerFU11Doncaster AC
2921209:38HannahBondFU11Doncaster AC
3023209:54MollyCockettFU11Doncaster AC

U11 Boys

1024007:11ThomasWattMU11Doncaster AC
1222407:12DanielReeveMU11Doncaster AC
1723807:53DylonDooley-WilliamsMU11Doncaster AC
2621108:14AlexanderFelczerekMU11Doncaster AC
3124809:19HenrySharpMU11Doncaster AC

U13 Girls

921414:21JessicaRowlandFU13Doncaster AC
1924115:58JuliaStubbsFU13Doncaster AC
2823719:41TrinityDooley-WilliamsFU13Doncaster AC
2924923:09SophiaSharpFU13Doncaster AC

U13 Boys

2025117:51NathanNorthMU13Doncaster AC
2426121:27AdamJonesMU13Doncaster AC

U15 Girls

1925815:28MilliePurchaseFU15Doncaster AC
2123115:49CallieCoatesFU15Doncaster AC
2524217:12LexieProudleyFU15Doncaster AC

U15 Boys

522617:01HenryCullenMU15Doncaster AC
822317:14EdwardPhillipsMU15Doncaster AC

U20, Senior and Vet Ladies

2521529:50CarolineWheelhouseFV55Doncaster AC
2725930:10JanePurchaseFV45Doncaster AC
6621934:41RoseJamesFV35Doncaster AC
9822041:43CarolineBondFV45Doncaster AC
10222942:45JulieCullFV55Doncaster AC
10723043:19SarahSmithFV35Doncaster AC
11427046:39MichelleWardFV35Doncaster AC 
12123651:07SusanForbesFV55Doncaster AC

U17 Men

6121825:32GeorgeRowlandMU17Doncaster AC
8121926:20ConnorAndersonMU17Doncaster AC
9120426:27JoeWarrenMU17Doncaster AC
10122026:36AlexMoseleyMU17Doncaster AC
12122127:44JordanPoulstonMU17Doncaster AC
13122230:43SamuelLawsonMU17Doncaster AC

U20, Senior and Vet Men U65

4522240:03JosephPhillipsMU20Doncaster AC
4721840:20MartinJamesMV40Doncaster AC
5624640:48KevinNewmanMV60Doncaster AC
15021350:06PaulBondMV50Doncaster AC
15424550:25PeteWadeMV60Doncaster AC
16726355:56SimonParkinMV40Doncaster AC
17426860:04GlynnJonesMV50Doncaster AC
17726961:53Jonathon BirdMSDoncaster AC

Vet Men 65+

124729:17MickPageMV65Doncaster AC