Help Please, lost locket have you seen it?

At our Open Meeting on Saturday, one of the young competitors lost a locket, this was lost either on the grassed area by the pole vault competition or on the grass to the left of the picnic table as you look towards the pole vault.

If any one can help please contact Kev Lincoln.

“It is a small 9ct gold oval locket with a raised acorn on the front and the back engraved with ” mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. The locket doesn’t have a great value, however it is of immense sentimental value to my daughter as it was a gift from her grandmother, and in addition contains a lock of mane from her pony which tragically died last week after breaking a leg. She is totally heartbroken at the loss and I am happy to offer a reward to the finder should they come forward.

Yours ever hopeful

Carrie Newton”