Lightning Run Report 3 June 2015 – 12 Hours

This event uses a 6 mile tough cross country loop which runners either run as a relay or as a solo runner and the measure of your success it is how many laps you can do in 12 hours.Capture

Doncaster AC had a team of 5 and a solo runner, supported by Andy Kerry and 5 kids.  We camped for 2 nights and it was a very early start for the race (up at 04:30 for breakfast and start at 06:00).

Our team of 5 completed 13 laps of the 6 mile course, the winning team did 15 laps.  They finished in 7th place out of 53 teams.

1151 MARIE-LOUISE TAYLOR 1 00:53:39
1154 ROSE JAMES 2 00:52:36
1153 ALLAN CARSON 3 00:50:03
1152 SHARON CARSON 4 00:56:13
1150 JANET KERRY 5 00:54:37
1151 MARIE-LOUISE TAYLOR 6 01:03:54
1154 ROSE JAMES 7 00:55:43
1153 ALLAN CARSON 8 00:54:46
1152 SHARON CARSON 9 01:00:49
1150 JANET KERRY 10 00:58:20
1151 MARIE-LOUISE TAYLOR 11 00:57:10
1154 ROSE JAMES 12 00:54:59
1153 ALLAN CARSON 13 00:52:37

Martin James has written a blog report about his solo effort in which he was Captureproud to become an Ultra Runner having completed 53 Miles and finishing 7th solo man out of 54.

Sharon Carson said “just want to say mine and Allan’s first experience at this kind of race and the way the team came together and we were made to feel so welcome and comfortable for newbies was great. Fun camping and bbq would highly recommend. Hard conditions with rain n mud but made for a great experience all round”

Rose James said ”

On Sunday 3rd May 2015 I took part in the Adidas Continental Lightening run Capturewhich is a 12 hour 10k relay based at Catton Park. I was in a mixed team of 5 and the other team members were Janet Kerry, Marie-Louise Taylor, Sharon Carson and Allen Carson.

We arrived the Saturday before to camp otherwise we would have had to set off at 4am Sunday to get there for when it started at 6am and I didn’t fancy that.

There was a great atmosphere from everyone there and we had 5 kids in our party which made it even more fun as it was a great excuse to get their Nerf Guns and bows&foam arrows out so we could fire at each other.

It really chucked it down for the first half of the race so everyone would have gotCapture absolutely soaked and muddy on their first lap. The 2nd lap we did as a team was just muddy and treacherous. I just went for it anyway dashing past people who were holding onto trees to stop from falling over. My last lap wasn’t too bad as the sun was out then drying the course up a bit actually it was quite humid in the afternoon.

After the race we had a lovely BBQ with beer/wine etc and had a laugh.

To sum it up it was a brilliant team race and a great team camping experience”