London Marathon 2015

London Marathon

Robert Sidebottom “I am so proud to be a member of Doncaster Athletics Club. CaptureI was previously a member of the Blackheath Harriers and you trump the oldest running club in England by a long shot. Janet Kerry it was so your day today. I loved watching you cheering with the crowds and I am so proud of your time and that you are my friend. Rachel Black you did fantastic and I know you will be proud of your achievement today. Marie-Louise Taylor thank you for your support. Your turn! X  P. S. Janet Kerry you would have got an even better time if you didn’t have your arms in the air whooping all the time! Wait till I dob you in to Paul Brown.

Irene Fazakerley “Completed my first London Marathon in 5hrs 3min. Couldn’t 11139968_368755693311870_3046917349479928890_nhave done it without my brother he was amazing.Thank you everyone for your kind messages and support!!”






Mark Benson “Soaking in the bath, just starting to feel human again. 2:56:55 this year is a massive improvement on 3:37:40 last. Thanks to Sheryl for supporting me all the way & putting up with my running obsession. I love ya ! Cheers to anyone who sponsored me. And can’t not thank David Tune for his constant good advice & faith in me. Cheers boss. Massive pb = nice bottle for you!!”


Photo by Keith Lindley

Carl Ryde “Thank you to my support team: Tracy, Emily and Molly for a great weekend in London. Didn’t run my best but that’s how the marathon goes. I do know where to go from here: rest, relax, drink and be merry; and bounce back like my usual durable self. Thank you everyone for your support, and especially my wonderful family.”


Rachel Black “WOOP! Finished my first ever marathon finished at 4:11160664_10204163537033343_6303198664388828031_n25, one of the best things I’ve ever done I absolutely loved every minute, although I literally cant walk now. A massive well done to Janet Robert and Irene you all did so well and your times are amazing. Also a special thank you to my family who stood out in the cold to support me I love you all loads Simon Katuszonek Karen Wildsmith and Kerry Mitchell

Janet Kerry “Rocked up to Blackheath with minutes to spare feeling anxious, set off slowly, felt better by 5k, so I picked up the pace and held it, surprised myself coming along the mall in the time I did. Excellent day out, highly recommended. Well done to my fellow runners, all superstars”

Rosemary Armstrong “3 weeks before London I acquired an injury to my heel that stoppCaptureed me running.  With 2 weeks to go I asked folk whose opinion I valued for advice. They said the same thing: “You need to talk to Eddie Fletcher”  Eddie very kindly gave me an emergency appointment, diagnosed the problem,treated it, taught me appropriate exercises and gave me lots of advice.  Thanks to him I got through the race with no recurrence of the pain.  I didn’t push myself but just concentrated on relaxing and enjoying the occasion.  I was then amazed to find I was 3 mins faster than last year!! The cooler conditions also helped of course. It was a great day”

Amazing running all of you, the club is inspired by your performances.


Photo of the day – Carl and Paula


Place Place Gender Place Cat Name Cat Half Finish
78 78 11 Carl Ryde 18-39 1:11:18 2:32:08
1317 1317 762 Mark Benson 18-39 1:27:23 2:56:55
8692 1617 329 Janet Hampson 40-44 1:50:19 3:42:18
11726 9255 1371 Robert Sidebottom 45-49 1:50:28 3:53:32
20567 5598 3199 Rachael Black 18-39 1:56:52 4:25:46
24235 7172 11 Rosemary Armstrong 70+ 2:15:55 4:39:44
29247 9600 1177 Irene Fazakerley 45-49 2:19:17 5:03:01