London Marathon – Club Places

This information is assumed to be correct. The race is on 3 October 2021. The club will be allocated our places in May 2021, no details are known yet as to how many places we might get.

Currently in the balot are:

  • Luke Osbon
  • Thomas Chisholm
  • Kate Ball
  • Diane Risley
  • Karen Green
  • Michael Reynolds

To enter the ballot (Action needed by May 15th 2021):

  • The member needs a rejection slip from the ballot entry – letter or email (most people got these around 8 February 2021).
  • If you got a London place last year from DAC’s allocated places you should not be eligible to get one of the clubs allocated places for the next year (Sam Prowse, Martyn Walters + Others (names elude me atm)
  • You must be a first claim member at the time of entering the public ballot and be fully paid up with a UKA license (so you must have renewed your membership in 2021)
  • The member has to arrange payment for the place
  • You must run in a Doncaster AC vest
  • The member needs to have completed a half marathon, or race of greater distance during 2018 / 2020 / 2021 before the club ballot is drawn. Given the issues of lack of races this year then a strava link to a training run, which is run without stopping will be acceptable, however, if races restart and athletes have ample time to race a half marathon before the ballot then this should be done

email a copy / photo of your rejection slip to Martin James by May 15th 2021 Latest, also include confirmation you have paid your membership (including UKA membership in 2021) and provide evidenance of the half marathon requirement.