London Marathon Club Places

Please forward your London Marathon rejection emails / letters to Angie Stanley (No later than 18 November 2022) assuming you want to go in the club draw and you meet the following conditions:

The draw for the club ballot is towards the end of the year and it will not take place until London Marathon confirm our allocation which could be none.

Please complete this form –

  • The member needs a rejection slip from the ballot entry – letter or email which must be given to Angie Stanley.
  • If you got a London place last year from DAC’s allocated places you should not be eligible to get one of the clubs allocated places for the next year (Kate Ball, Michael Reynolds, Denny)
  • You must be a first claim member at the time of entering the public ballot and be fully paid up with a UKA license, and if you are successful at the draw you must have renewed your membership with Doncaster AC and your UKA license for the year of the marathon
  • The member has to arrange payment for the place
  • You must run in a Doncaster AC vest
  • The member needs to have completed a half marathon, or race of greater distance during 2021 / 2022 before the club ballot is drawn

The following people have applied for the club places

Chris Campbell
Tracey Christison
Merv Christison
Clare shield
Andy Constantine
Luke Osbon
Thomas Chisholm
Janet Hampson
Steve Gratton
Sally Hayes
Jonathan Bird
Trevor Blake
Karen Kellett
Claire Sayles
Paul F Johnston