London Marathon Club Places

We have 4 places.  To be entered into the ballot you need to get your rejection slips to Martin James by 17 November, with a view to the club draw occurring at 6pm on Tuesday 22 November at 6pm.

  • The member needs a rejection slip from the ballot entry.
  • If you got a London place last year from DAC’s allocated places you should not be eligible to get one of the clubs allocated places for the next year.
  • You must be a first claim member at the time of entering the ballot and be fully paid up with a UKA license, and if you are successful at the draw you must have renewed your membership with Doncaster AC and your UKA license for the year of the marathon.
  • The member has to arrange payment for the place

So far I have the following names going into the ballot:

  • George Laing
  • Vicky Royle
  • Sharon Carson
  • Adrian Fearn
  • Caroline Temperton
  • Deborah Thompson
  • Chris Lawson
  • Susan Forbes
  • Becci Barlow
  • Kate Ball
  • Sharon Maughan
  • Simon Scully
  • Karey Miles
  • Jo Butler