Manvers Dusk Till Dawn – 29-30 July 2017

Well done to our runners who took part in this 12 hour ultra race, as many laps of Manvers Lake as possible in 12 hours over night.


Jack Waugh – 9 laps

Martyn Kellett – 8 Laps

Susan Forbes – 8 Laps

Kate Ball – 4 Laps

Martyn said “Well my lovelies, in the end, my aim of ten laps at the D2D was shot down by a combination of rain and mud (yes, again) and fatigue. What I can say is that I ran all my laps, as promised, all around the 29 to 34 minute mark. In the end I did 8 laps and a total of 25.68 miles. Nice medal though  😉 😛 👍 ”

Susan said “I’m just leaving Manvers & am last to pack up lol -I ran 8 laps of 3.2 miles but an actual total of 27.2 miles!! All thru the night with the heavy rain too from midnight -very muddy & my tents are very wet!!! Off home for bath & bed now!! Thanks to Jack Waugh for the whole night Kate Ball Claire Beegan Martyn Walter for running some of it with me. Steve McAleavy for the videos & help with my beds (which I didn’t sleep on !) Kevin Waugh for help with my tents.
Alan & Sharon Carson, Martin James Rose James Was Thompson for support. DAC Pacers smash it again!”

Jack Said “Well what a night at Dusk til Dawn. The aim was simple complete as many 5k circuits as possible between 6pm and 6am. I had a steep and some said unrealistic target of 10 laps (50k) i knew running them all was going to impossible but just clocking up the miles and keep putting 1 foot in front of the other in anyway possible was the task of the night. Unfortunately I missed my target and completed 9 laps (45k). The majority were walked 1 was run fully and a few a combination of both. Im now very sore, tired and muddy. But couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Susan Forbes and kate ball for the company. To Sharon Carson Allan Carson and as always Martyn Walter for their support and to the father Kevin Waugh for taking me and fetching me and sorting all my kit out. Xx”

Kate said “Well it’s been a fab 24hrs… the support from Team DAC has been amazing! So here goes…(hope I don’t forget anyone!)
Dusk til Dawn last night – huge thank you to Susan Forbes for her hospitality and amazing flowery tent ⛺️ I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Good work Jack Waugh & Martyn Kellett hope you are happy with your achievements. Big thanks to the support crew Martin James, Rose James Was Thompson, Sharon Carson, Allan Carson, Kevin Waugh& especially Claire Beegan& Martyn Walter (thanks for the lap you did with me). I only did 20k but needed to conserve my energy for…
Grimsby 10k this morning – great company as always, thanks Angie Stanley, Emma Richardson, Vicky Royle & a special thanks to Sarah Jane Machin for being great support crew (rubbish photographer 😉).
Also thank you to everyone who has wished me luck on here, it’s helped with the next to no sleep.
I’m never going to be speedy but one foot in front of the other keeps me going. Super weekend! 💙💚