Message about Road League on Wednesday – Brodsworth

Just a note for all your members who are coming to the next road league at Brodsworth.

1. Parking is at the Markham Grange garden centre, not on the roads which is the course.

2. Toilets are in the garden centre and also in potable toilets in the pub car park.

3. Don’t park in pub car park unless you are staying for a drink or to eat.

4. The Garden centre car park closes at 9pm so if you are going down to the pub afterwards move your car there.

5. Keep off the roads before the start of the race when warming up.

6. The start is in the village.

7. Keep to the left unless marshal’s tell you different. You may be on the right hand side for a short distance after the cross roads so listen to instructions…take off your earphones !!

8. When you finish, keep away from the officials/ timekeepers and don’t clog the area as runners did at Worsboro’. 

9. Go across the footbridge back to the car park (200m).

10. No more name changes will be done, spelling etc.

The course is on the road apart from a short distance on a gravel path. It is quite flat !! apart from the flat hills !!

Have a good race and I hope it keeps fine.