Minutes from Directors meeting – 5th December 2012


5th December 2012



Les Grant, Mark Hudson, Kev Lincoln, Barry Barnes, Andrea Page, Dave Lilley



Dan Winmill, Martin James


Matters from last meeting


Letter to go out to members after New Year when England Athletics (EA) have decided on membership fees. Only taking club membership during the intervening period


Awards and celebration

Laura Weightman (Olympic finalist) has agreed to attend and present awards.

Other guests include, the Mayor (Peter Davies), Steve Hossack (Doncaster Star) Brian Scobie (UKA National coach) Jonjo Irwin (former Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and British Featherweight Boxing Champion), plus Paralympic Athletes as identified by Diana Stanger.

Invite letters to be sent                                                                                                                    KL



Will take place in March 2013                                                                                                       KL


Membership of the Board of Directors

Dan Winmill have moved from Junior Associated Director to become a full Board member with responsibility for Marketing and Publicity


Lease agreement

Agreed subject to contract being formally signed. Finance from Bawtry Town FC and rent to be reimbursed. Still awaiting stadium manual                                                                              KL/MH



Now sited and being provided with utilities. Soak-away with pump facility to prevent flooding around the cabin, to be installed. Draws and chairs being provided                                                     KL


Coach Structure

Limited response to circulated feedback document, to be re-circulated                                    LG

Request from Steve Minnikin to coach Hammer throwing at the stadium. After discussion it was agreed that this was approved on condition the he use the available ‘chain hammers’ and that the impact of his coaching, on the pitch, will be reviewed on the 1st March 2013. Steve to be informed that he can start his coaching as from the 10th December 2012                                                                           LG

Agreed a coaching forum to be held late February/early March 2013. Discussion to review coaching times, congestion and to include those coaches allied to senior athletes who use the track        LG

Keys. Coaches have keys. Discussion on the re-siting of alarm to store room                            KL


Christmas event

Mainly road runners, discussion and agreed that club would pay for 1 red and 1 white bottle of wine per table                                                                                                                                                    KL



To be reviewed . looking for someone to manage , Advert to be placed on web-site                    MH/MJ


Directors Strategic Responsibilities

Draft proposals circulated

Junior Reps to be approached                                                                                                       BB/DW

Sponsorship. Discussion on the need to explore opportunities                                                    Board


Financial review

Reviewed finances and site activity , Issues discussed                                                                 KL

England Athletics meeting

Feedback given on meeting held in Manchester 30th November 2012                                        BB/KL

Reviewed membership fees in view of discussion. To be adjusted accordingly                            MH


Clubmark renewal

Safeguarding event (TBA) First Aid (26th January 2013, facilitated by Shelley Revitt), Equity in Coaching (TBA)                                                                                                                           BB/KL



Ron Pickering Fund. Can be accessed by athletes                                                                        LG


Next meeting             9th January 2013