Minutes of Directors meeting 8 January 214



8th January 2014


Terry Winmill, Barry Barnes, Kev Lincoln, Steve Harrison, Les Grant, Gill Winmill Martin James, Tamhra Grace, Janet Hampson


Dan Winmill, Alice Howe


A/C’s balances circulated and discussed. Membership renewals are coming in which should boost finances. Discussion on track fees, agreed to withdraw suggestion from AGM   KL/GW


21st January 2014. Discussion on track levy (difficult to manage, not popular, logistically difficult). Increase in membership fees seems more acceptable from 2015                        KL

Beginners Runners Course

Discussed proposals and ideas. Start date to be agreed, cost £40                                    JH/MJ

Site Development

High jump mat now stored. Barrier to be repaired. High Jump cover to be repaired. Hammer structure to be repaired. Container licence up for renewal, this will include planning permission again. Parking barrier to be sited, meeting with fire brigade and safety manager. Flagpoles, discussion on whether they should be erected, planning permission if agreed that be put up                                                                                                                                  SH/KL

Open Meeting

Sunday 11th May 2014, helpers needed                                                                                     SH

Disability event

21st June. Open races for non-disability athletes. Disability Federation to organise           KL

Club Championships

One day event appears to be the favoured format, August/ September                               LG


Martin Boyd and Eric Whitehead are close to completing their diaries                                LG

Road Races

All coming together, road race meeting to be arranged                                                          KL


Discussion on the representative for EA board, proposed and agreed to support the application of Steve Gaines (Rotherham Harriers)                                                                    KL

Aiden Davies awarded GB vest and Bruce Bewley GB coach, congratulations to both

YDL. Discussion on costs etc.                                                                                                          TW

Super school being set up at Lakeside. Links to be made                                                     KL/SH

Female legacy development programme. Information provided                                             LG

Business card, discussion                                                                                                                MJ

Presentation evening. All going well                                                                                             KL


Next Meeting

Wednesday 5th February at the Police Club, 6-30