Minutes of Meeting 11 March 2015 – Next meeting 8 April guests welcome, please advise before if attending


Directors meeting

11th March 2015


Kev Lincoln, Les Grant, Martin James, Janet Kerry, Terry Winmill, Steve Harrison, Barry Barnes, (Andy Davies-Guest)


Callum Wilson, Michael Barfield, Sue Forbes, Tamhra Grace, Gill Winmill, Dan Winmill

Matters arising



A/C’s reviewed. Cheques to be banked and cleared before Open meeting KL/SH

Club House/Sports Pavilion update

Update given on progress, to be further discussed at meeting 21/3/15 (12-30 to 14-30)

Discussion on throwing areas at XP school KL

Awards Night review

Agreed video was well received. Finances reviewed

Discussion on points made by AD, including the purchase of tables to ensure group ‘bonding’. The meeting agreed their should be more mention and inclusion of achievers at the club, particularly as they will be role models for younger members. The points made to be further explored at future meetings. KL

Open meeting

Concern re graded officials at the meeting (Field especially). Agreed review number of entries next month SH

Endurance Evening

Entries to be circulated and posted to club secretaries BB

Coach Development

Discussion re Aidan Davies seeking support to complete coach licence

Coach costs for young athletes discussed

Discussion on coaching activities and involvement (paid/unpaid) and ways of rewarding the young coaches who assist with the academy and Saturday club LG/KL/DW

Update on meeting with Craig Winstanley BB

Kaden Roe will be completing his coaching course next week

Martin Godfrey has received his coaching award for throws

Flying coach involvement discussed LG

Track and Field

Update given TW

Academy update

Discussion on mini pacers, BB expressed his concerns TW

Maintenance Day

4th April (Saturday). Opportunity to refurbish the stadium n complete storage requirements All

Aluminium rails

Action to be taken to dispose of them as they are no longer required KL


MJ concerned that it could be better presented but agreed it remains the same for the time being. Possible discussion with Doncaster University to explore possible support to upgrade MJ


Update and discussion on EA licences for participants MJ/JK

Road Races

Discussion on postal entries. Sandall Beat race and others are progressing well MJ/KL


Congratulations to Phil Bussey, Mick Page, Kev Newman and Simon Wright who all were medal winners at the recent veterans championships. Agreed a video of them to be produced LG


Zero rates by DMBC

DBS, now on line

Gary Long setting up web page

Endurance Group (confirmed a Facebook closed group)

Next Meeting

Wednesday 8th April at 6-30, Police Club