National Cross Country Relays – Results

We took two senior men’s teams to the National Cross Country Relays on Saturday 2 November, the course was quite wet and slippery in places but it was a cross country so it adds to the fun.

Special thanks to Tom Morris and Malc Leggett for standing in at the last minute.  Thanks to Darren Wood for sorting the teams on the day.  Thanks to Peter Andrews for driving most of us.  Thanks to Dean Watson for switching teams at the last minute and Thanks to Wayne Martison for offering to run two legs.  Everyone showed great enthusiasm for the event for which I was very grateful.

The winning team was Aldershot Farnham & District who finished in 1:02:54.05.

Our A team finished in 107th place with a time of 1:18:23.05:

1 – Wayne Martison – 19:56.30 (148), 2 – Tom Morris – 18:59.40 (123), 3 – Dean Watson 17:59.35 (96) and 4 – Martin James 21:28 (107).

If everything had gone to plan the B team would have had a overall time of 1:27:04 in about 135 place but unfortunately Wayne was unable to his second leg and we wish him a speedy recovery, as we had no time to sort someone else to run a second leg (our second runners were on the course) I switched to the “A” team for my last leg having been down to run the last leg for the “B” team.  I had already run a very tough 10k cross country race earlier in the day so my time was not great.  More reserves needed for next year please!

1 – Peter Andrews – 20:23.90 (156), 2 – Darren Wood – 21:22.40 (145) and 3 – Malc Leggett – 23:50.40 (143).