Pennine Barrier 50 and Sunshine Extravaganza

On a very walm day last weekend we had some athletes take part in in Marathons and Ultra Marathons.

On Saturday it was the Pennine Barrier 50 Ultra trail race, this race incorpotates the challenging Yorkshire 3 Peaks but with about a half marathon before and after. Its run on close to the longest day of the year so the runners have the day light.

In 15th place Peter Vickers finished in 10:14:52.

In 18th place Mariusz Felczerek finished in 10:19:44

138 Runners finished the race.

Sunshine Extravaganza Day 2 – On sunday It’s Grim Up North Running hosted a multi distanence race and two of our Ladies completed the Marathon.

In 14th place Claire Angus finished in 5:14:43

In 21st place Angela Clarke finished in 5:31:56

May be an image of 2 people, including Angie Clarke, people standing and outdoors