Prosthetic running blades

We see DAC member Michael Bates training on our track very often. The following is copied from his crowdfunding page.

Since loosing my leg in 2016, sport has played a massive part in saving my life through; helping me battle with pain, anxiety, depression and suicide attempts. I have began to reach a good stage of recovery & I’m beginning to feel my normal yet again. Through my sports recovery I have pushed hard & become a better sportsman than I’d ever imagined. It is now where I understand I need to believe in myself & realise how good I have become & take ownership of my capability not disability. It is here I am proud to announce that I’m now about to be put into the GB Paralympic program. My current timings & distance place me; No1 in Great Britain for long jump category T64, No1 for 200m T64 & No2 in 100m (2nd only to Johnny Peacock).

The link is here to donate.

Help is needed financially to buy new running prosthetic legs (. The NHS will not help me with this and my savings are spent on the past year funding my goals and looking after my leg. Furthermore, I have just been picked up by one of the worlds leading amputee blade running specialist coaches. However, the cost of fees and travel cost I cannot meet within my part time wage.