Results update 13 March 2017 – Northern / Yorks Vets XC, Grindleford Gallop, Retford Half and Parkruns

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Northern / Yorkshire Vet XC – 4 March 2017

Well done to Doncaster AC for hosting this event, the Yorkshire Veterans Cross Country Championships and the Northern Masters Cross Country Championships.  Many thanks to all the volunteers and organisers.

M35 to M49 race

 Pos Time Name Prize
11 35:16 Martin James 2nd Northern Masters
27 37:25 Peter Badger
51 41:39 Chris Lawson

M50+ (Doncaster won a team prize in this event, 2nd M50-59)

 Pos Time Name Prize
2 33:53 Simon Wright 1st Yorkshire, 2nd Northern Masters
12 36:50 Kevin Newman 3rd Yorkshire, 3rd Northern Masters
27 38:54 Mick Page 3rd Yorkshire, 2nd Northern Masters
62 43:06 Pete Wade
66 43:56 Philip Bussey 3rd Northern Masters


Pos Time Name Prize
73 29:35 Sharon Maughan (guided by Keith Lindley)

Grindleford Gallop (21 Miles off road, 2600ft of climb) – 11 March 2017

The winning time was 2:28:25.

Pos Name Cat Time
20 Martin James V40 2:47:40
37 Peter Vickers SM 3:00:08
176 Rose James F35 3:43:45
326 Marie-Louise Taylor F40 4:24:31
394 Sharon Maughan (guided by Mark Saunders) F40 5:00:22

You can see my arm on this picture! Blue top just behind Martin James (no.278).

This was a crazy race. Something a bit more than cross country. Something approaching a fell race. It was entirely possible to have totally soaked feet within the first 30 seconds, something I narrowly avoided. There’s a big bottle neck (leading into the above picture), and you get channelled by the crowds so you can’t avoid whatever appears in front of you. This was a bit more drama than I expected, but was just the beginning. There was plenty of mud to come (some on steep sections), unavoidable water at about 4 miles where I did get totally submerged feet up to the ankles (a first for me), and two hills so big and steep they were impossible to run (another first for me). The run taken as a whole was also the most technical I’ve ever done, and a few people had falls – somehow I stayed up even when the legs were totally gone to jelly.

Yet another, very surprising, first for me: when I turned on my Garmin at the start the battery was totally dead! This was quite a shock, since I train with it a few times every week, and have never had that happen before. Very weird. I had to quickly re-think my strategy, since I couldn’t think about trying to maintain a certain average pace, or trying to keep up a certain pace on the hills, etc. I usually spend a lot of time during a race looking at the watch and doing calculations; none of that this time. But then again, maybe that worked out well. After all, it’s hard to assess what pace you should be doing, or what time you should be on, when there are so many tricky sections and it’s your first time doing the event. I had to make do on feel alone, and a few updates from fellow runners.

It turns out, I ran most of the race with a chap called Lucas. That wasn’t planned at all, and it’s funny that someone else there was exactly the same standard. I also wonder whether we really were exactly the same standard, or whether, once you start running with someone, something holds you together. We chatted a bit, talked about running and the race, ran side by side a bit, and took it in turns to take the lead. All totally unintentionally. I think this has got to be healthy, somehow – helps the miles to tick over, and when one of you is struggling for a bit the other one somehow pulls you through and keeps you going, even without saying a word. We stayed together from about mile 3 to about mile 14, then I pulled away in the Chatsworth estate. I kinda thought that was the last I’d see of him, but turns out that wasn’t to be. I’d see him right at the end.

Just possibly we made each other run a bit too fast for the first half of the race: when he was getting ahead I would make sure I didn’t lose him, and perhaps vice versa. In addition I sprinted a bit at the start to avoid the bottle-necks as much as possible, and then on mile two there is a ridiculously punishing hill – this is not a race for those who like to gradually warm up over the first four miles! By half way I was really wondering whether I’d totally overdone it, and predicted (correctly!) that I would have to hold on for dear life through the last few miles. We ran the first half in 1 hour 26 (when we reached the 4th checkpoint on the Monsal trail). Although I was tired already it felt good to know that I could run the second half much slower and still get a decent time. But I was a bit worried.

The weather was good, and the sun even peaked through a bit. Although I was cold at the beginning, I could (and should) have done it in a vest. The gloves even disappeared soon after this photo! There were plenty of amazing views – rewards for the hill work. And the air was so fresh. There were large sections in the middle when it felt really good to be out there. And running through the Chatsworth estate was pretty cool. There were also plenty of people cheering on and kids giving high-fives, which is always nice! Near Chatsworth two kids were arguing about whether I was the 32nd runner or the 35th. I think I must have been 32nd at that point, since a few people passed me after that, and I ended up 37th.

Although I pulled away from Lucas around that point – between miles 14 and 16 – I’m not sure how exactly. I think perhaps I was a bit faster than him on the flat, overall. Or perhaps at that point it felt like the long straight home, and our partnership was no longer so important as I started to put my head down and dig in for the final stages. But I also thought I should be holding something back for the final, massive hill, after the last checkpoint at 16 miles. Probably I should have, since a bit into the hill I started to get painful twinges of cramp (another total first for me). I had to stop and walk for a bit, and started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to run to the end. On the other hand, I started to realise that I might just complete the race in 3 hours or less – at one point somebody told me we had 9k to go and we’d been running 2 hours 5 minutes. That seemed totally do-able – unless I had to walk a lot. And *everyone* has to talk at least some of that final monster hill. In the end I thought I had a chance, and pushed on for 3 hours. The cramp came and went, but once the hill was done it had mostly gone, and I could shuffle along at a half-decent pace. It was quite technical (flat, but rocky), and the legs were rapidly turning to total jelly.

I was mostly on my own now, although one guy who must have left plenty in the tank went past me quite fast. I tried to stick with him for a couple of miles on Froggatt Edge. Everything was an effort now, and it was grit-your-teeth time. I was desperate for the race to be over, and not really caring about the 3 hour thing. I had a certain pace, and couldn’t possibly go even a tiny bit faster. If that was fast enough for 3 hours, then great, but if it wasn’t, then that was just the way it was.

Earlier on it had seemed that Lucas was faster than me on the downhills. Nearly everyone is faster than me on the downhills – I am much better on flat and uphill for some reason. This was important for the final mile, which was a semi-technical descent through muddy woods. On totally dead, wobbly legs, this was really bad for me. I hadn’t realised but Lucas had me in his sights along Froggatt, but couldn’t catch me there. Now on the descent he could. Right at the bottom I heard him coming. But then it was flat, and I could see the finish line, and I could put in some speed. He was still behind me when we reached an awkward road crossing immediately before the finish line, with a car coming at just the wrong moment, and each of us wondering whether it would stop. In the moment of confusion the cheeky begger pushed past me and scanned his timer. I also lost a couple of seconds as I’d forgotten about scanning it at the finish line. So he beat me by 5 seconds. Can’t complain though! We both helped each other, and both did hugely better than we expected. It was a good partnership.

The soup at the end was fantastic. Then I saw Martin James, who’d had a nasty fall. But he was OK. He’d run a fantastic 2 hours 47 (20th place). I grabbed my flowery picnic rucksack and headed for the car for yet more snacks on the way home. It would have been nice to stick around and recover a bit longer, but I had a kids party to get to! Thankfully the legs still functioned for driving.

Later that evening an ice bath was in order. Never had one before, but had so many people (and books) advising me on them. This time I knew my legs were really beat up, and I took the plunge (with cup of tea and clothes, as recommended on some forum!). It was horrendous getting in, but then felt pretty good, and the legs did feel quite a bit better even immediately after. Or maybe they were just numb.

Legs so sore today (2 days on), but no niggles or injuries (yet). A big long rest needed now before I even think about running again – there will be no recovery run!

Report by Peter Vickers

Retford Half Marathon – 12 March 2017

This was my third, Kate Willet’s second and Nick Newman and Rob Pugh’s first half marathon.  All of the literature, maps, websites and other runners comments said this was a flat course.  It did not feel flat! Kate and I really wanted a sub 2 hour time and set out to run 9 minute miles.  We got a bit giddy at the start and ran a bit faster.  We then had a problem with stitch for a few miles (if anyone has advice on how to prevent stitch and how to get rid of it please let us know!).  After the 4.5 mile water station we had settled in to a steady pace.  There was a great section of doubling back which we enjoyed as we like watching other runners and looking out for people we know.  We saw Nick who was about 5 mins ahead of us and Rob who was just behind. We also saw George, Caz and Janet – all running really well.  The hill at mile 10 nearly killed me, and Kate did a great job of keeping me going.  We didn’t speak for the last 3 miles – just kept our eyes on the road and one foot in front of the other.  Just as we approached the finish we caught up with Nick and Kate challenged him to a sprint finish!  Unfortunately I let someone overtake me right at the end otherwise we would have finished together.  This was a great run, well organised, nice number of people, easy parking and not too far from home.  I think I might sign up again for next year…  Report by Jodi Savage, photos by Jon Knight and John Rainsforth.

Great work everyone, all brilliant performances and lots of PB’s.  If your building up to a marathon then hopefully this race gave you a good boost of confidence.

Pos    M    F    Forename    Surname    Cat    Cat/Pos    ChipTime    GunTime   
55 0054 Chris Pye M40 (014/219) 01:22:55 01:22:56
103 0099 Simon Scully M40 (032/219) 01:28:03 01:28:05
562 0121 Kate Willett F S (024/086) 01:57:42 01:58:12
563 0442 Nicholas Newman M50 (081/104) 01:57:50 01:58:16
565 0122 Jodi Savage F35 (055/163) 01:57:54 01:58:24
762 0241 Caroline Temperton F45 (068/097) 02:12:52 02:13:57
792 0533 Robert Peach M40 (204/219) 02:17:22 02:17:49
833 0286 Janet Laing F55 (017/025) 02:21:01 02:22:05

Parkruns – 11 March 2017

We had runners at 11 different parkruns on Sturday, with 40 runners having a run.  Special mention to Phil WHITEHEAD and Peter FORRESTER who both reached the amazing milestone of completing 100 parkruns.

First timers were Simon PARKIN, Rosemary ARMSTRONG, Bill TOPPING, Rebecca TYRER, Richard BREEZE, Samantha BUTCHER, Brooke SHEERIN, Paul Anthony BOND, Mike CLEASBY, Kevin WAUGH, David WATTS and Peter BADGER.

PB’s for John SHEERIN, Lynnette-Jane TEMPERTON-BALL, Jayne CALLAGHAN, Joanne MORRIS, Fiona L MUNRO, Andy BREEZE, Louise SHEERIN, Martin HOOKWAY, Malcolm GREEN, Karen BARTLEY.

At Doncaster Martin HOOKWAY was first DAC athlete to finish in 2nd place overall running PB.  1st lady was Nicola DEVINE.

Sheffield Hallam

217 Jessica ROYLE 24:30 SW20-24 60.41 % F 30 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:21 29 Member of the parkrun 10 Club


49 Simon PARKIN 27:12 VM45-49 52.94 % M 35 Doncaster AC First Timer! 55 Member of the parkrun 50 Club


73 Paul BROWN 27:50 VM65-69 60.24 % M 52 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:01 120


88 Rosemary ARMSTRONG 30:14 VW70-74 78.78 % F 24 Doncaster AC First Timer! 78 Member of the parkrun 50 Club

Rother Valley

84 John SHEERIN 25:34 VM45-49 55.87 % M 66 Doncaster AC New PB! 3
103 George LAING 26:34 VM55-59 58.34 % M 80 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:25 46
107 Bill TOPPING 27:03 VM65-69 64.45 % M 82 Doncaster AC First Timer! 115 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
151 Claire MACLEOD 29:04 VW45-49 54.64 % F 47 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:02 20 Strava logo
174 Rebecca TYRER 30:13 VW35-39 50.08 % F 60 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
196 Christopher WRIGHT 31:18 VM50-54 48.30 % M 120 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:56 12
197 Lynnette-Jane TEMPERTON-BALL 31:19 VW50-54 55.61 % F 77 Doncaster AC New PB! 12
201 Jayne CALLAGHAN 31:50 VW45-49 51.41 % F 80 Doncaster AC New PB! 2
202 Joanne MORRIS 31:51 VW40-44 48.67 % F 81 Doncaster AC New PB! 2
216 Fiona L MUNRO 32:28 VW45-49 49.90 % F 91 Doncaster AC New PB! 19
228 Andy BREEZE 33:18 VM45-49 43.59 % M 131 Doncaster AC New PB! 3
229 Richard BREEZE 33:18 VM50-54 44.99 % M 132 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
241 Samantha BUTCHER 34:27 VW40-44 44.65 % F 106 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1 Strava logo
260 Brooke SHEERIN 37:54 JW15-17 40.90 % F 117 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
265 Louise SHEERIN 38:34 VW35-39 39.02 % F 122 Doncaster AC New PB! 2
266 Sue BEEBY 38:35 VW55-59 48.21 % F 123 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:34:37 32

Clumber Park

192 Jane CHANDLER 32:16 VW50-54 52.58 % F 71 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:25:39 45


2 Martin HOOKWAY 19:22 VM35-39 68.50 % M 2 Doncaster AC New PB! 63 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
5 Nicola DEVINE 19:57 SW25-29 74.19 % F 1 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:22 85 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
10 Phil WHITEHEAD 21:00 SM25-29 61.43 % M 9 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:18 100 Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
12 Paul Anthony BOND 21:22 VM55-59 73.17 % M 11 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
15 James OSBORNE 21:31 SM30-34 60.26 % M 14 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:18:47 65 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
17 Pete WADE 21:48 VM55-59 72.94 % M 16 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:41 49
21 Chris LAWSON 22:28 VM45-49 63.58 % M 20 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:23 37 Strava logo
22 Peter FORRESTER 22:33 VM55-59 69.92 % M 21 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:02 100 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
51 Richard RANDLE 25:18 VM55-59 61.79 % M 47 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:17 82 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
86 James FLANAGAN 29:03 JM11-14 52.67 % M 76 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:32 5
95 Malcolm GREEN 29:30 VM55-59 52.54 % M 81 Doncaster AC New PB! 11
96 Martyn WALTER 29:35 VM55-59 52.39 % M 82 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:23:15 74 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
104 Julie GUEST 30:07 VW50-54 58.55 % F 20 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:29:40 68 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
133 Karen BARTLEY 33:16 VW50-54 52.35 % F 42 Doncaster AC New PB! 23
153 Michael FORRESTER 34:56 JM15-17 38.65 % M 99 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:27 31 Member of the parkrun 10 Club


18 Mike CLEASBY 25:38 VM40-44 54.49 % M 17 Doncaster AC First Timer! 69 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo

Fell Foot

87 Kevin WAUGH 28:24 VM50-54 53.23 % M 62 Doncaster AC First Timer! 26

Dalby Forrest

61 David WATTS 25:54 SM30-34 50.06 % M 45 Doncaster AC First Timer! 36 Strava logo


3 Peter BADGER 18:00 VM40-44 76.94 % M 3 Doncaster AC First Timer! 72 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo

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