Results update 27 April 2016 – London Marathon and Parkruns

London Marathon – 24 April 2016

Thank you to our support crew, some of whom stopped over and some of whom came down on the day of the race, your shouting and general noise making was much appreciated.

Doncaster AC was very well represented at the London Marathon this year.  Race reports to follow in a few days but in brief, Carl Ryde finished in 12th place, he smashed our club record (his previous PB) which previously stood at 2:27:34, this now stands at 2:23:04!.  Martin James ran a PB of about 2 and a half minutes finishing with a time of 2:51:24.  Joanne Goodier ran a PB of about 13 minutes (despite illness) moving up the all time top 10 to 4th place.  Rose James entered the all time top 10 in 9th place on her debut marathon. Janet Hampson ran with an injured calf just missing out on her PB.  The clubs first partially sighted marathon runner, Sharon Maughan completed her first marathon guided by club mate Sharon Fieldhouse.  Excellent debut marathons for Martin Wilkinson, Jane Kilkenny, Katey Bickerstaff and Angela Stanley.  Brilliant V70 veteran marathon runner Rosemary Armstrong smashed another marathon.  Glynn Jones had a fantastic time at his debut London Marathon.


Photo by Lindsay O’Connor

Carl Ryde race report –  Stood about for 10mins on the start. Focused on training I had done, long runs, tempo runs and was very relaxed. Knew I was in shape to run well and had never felt so calm before a race. On TV I can only be seen at the start, but I am smiling having watched it. Lot of runners in my area were talking up going at 2:18 pace and knew they would start quicker than that, due to adrenaline and ‘macho bravado’.

Decided to hold back first mile and must have been outside top 100 at mile 1 marker, hit in 5:50ish – then switched on – time to race from then. From that first mile no-one went by me. I had suffered some pretty bad experiences in the past at London and some had been pretty horrific – toilet stops, calf tears, broken ribs (basically 5 very bad runs out of 7). Knowing I was in shape, I decided to not look at the watch and concentrate on hitting a steady tempo, gauging my effort levels and moving through the field. I was catching groups, sitting in for 1-2mins and moving onto the next one. It was enjoyable for a change – I was running relaxed.

At Tower Bridge, I knew what was coming: hit by the most amazing crowd, the noise, the odd person calling your name – it is the best feeling for a club runner doing the marathon. I hit halfway, and then thought to myself ‘I’ve cracked it…PB is done if you keep relaxed and keep this together’. It had been easiest first half I had ever run. From then on I can’t remember much as I seemed to hit the zone and was fixed on the road and little else. I continued not to look at the watch and was just looking ahead. I remember Janet from the club shouting at the barrier to me from the other side at about mile 20 and it was quite scary because I could see veins bulging out of her neck, arms and shoulders and she looked proper pumped up, shouting at me to speed up (LOL!). No messing with her, so I did, or at least tried to!

At mile 22 I did finally check my watch and it was 2:01 – the training had paid off. I worked out I had 26 minutes to run 4 miles and do a PB (it ended up taking me 22), which meant I had to drop a minute a mile. Then I thought of how I finished training runs on Sundays with 4 miles to go from the Boat Inn to Pastures. I thought of the ‘infamous’ Conisbrough viaduct and knew that the finish at London would be much easier. Bizarrely, despite running London, from the last 4 miles I was switched into thinking I was running on the trail in Doncaster on a Sunday as had been normal since January– the Earth Centre, the bridge, the Cadeby crags and was fixated on how strongly I had finished those training runs. I was practically in ‘the zone’. At mile 25 I heard someone shout my name and it was Chris Pye from the club. I picked off a few more runners, turned the corner and saw the clock, knew it was a big PB. Still feeling relaxed, without wanting to sound arrogant but I know this will come across that way – I felt very good, legs were fine and all OK but there is a fine line as I know that pushing a bit harder at some points can present some risks. I will go quicker and feel very positive about my next attempt.

I had defeated my London demons and it had felt good all the way. I will have confidence to settle with a faster group next time and improve. Just like to thank everyone at the club who has helped, particularly Paul Brown, who got me into running properly and was really my first coach, and a good one at that. Feeling proud to be a member of Doncaster AC, with such support on the way, so many runners in club vests there and all the positive vibes going round from people about our club – well done all our runners – you did us proud.

 Pos Name Cat / Pos 5k 10k Half Full
 12 Carl Ryde Sen / 9 16:52 33:35 1:11:03 2:23:04
 936 Martin James M40 / ? 20:27 40:34 1:25:14 2:51:24
 3506 Joanne Goodier F40 / 47 22:55 45:24 1:36:13 3:12:11
 6251 Martin Wilkinson M40 / 1169 22:57 45:33 1:37:03 3:28:53
 9283 Janet Hampson F40 / 374 25:48 51:05 1:48:38 3:43:16
 10028 Rose James Sen / 1176 26:52 52:59 1:51:21 3:46:00
 13153 Glynn Jones M45 / 1521 26:59 53:42 1:53:46 3:56:59
 25879 Rosemary Armstrong F70+ / 14 32:15 1:04:52 2:17:37 4:51:03
 30731 Sharon Maughan F45 / 1245 35:08 1:09:06 2:30:42 5:09:36
 30732 Sharon Fieldhouse F60 / 127 35:08 1:09:06 2:30:42 5:09:36
 33900 Jane Kilkenny F40 / 2022 37:07 1:14:26 2:37:33 5:32:11
 33948 Katey Bickerstaffe F45 / 1436 32:45 1:06:48 2:25:33 5:32:39
 14329 Angela Stanley Sen / 8424 39:51 1:18:51 2:54:56 6:33:50

Parkruns – 23 April 2016

PB’s for Lucy HOOKWAY, Catherine Mary JOHNSON, Claire MACLEOD, Richard MACLEOD, Mark CAWOOD,Jess ROWLAND, Daniel ORME, Rob PEACH and Carrie WATSON.

First timers at away parkruns were Isabel ROBINSON, Andrea ROBINSON, Abigail MACHIN, Fiona L MUNRO, Stuart BEEBY and Paul BROWN.

At Doncaster 1st to finish was Daniel ORME, and first lady to finish was Marie-Louise TAYLOR.


126 Lucy HOOKWAY 24:46 JW11-14 67.16 % F 21 Doncaster AC New PB! 36 Member of the parkrun 10 ClubStrava logo
127 Martin HOOKWAY 24:47 VM35-39 53.19 % M 106 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:42 56 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo

Rother Valley

116 Isabel ROBINSON 27:46 JW11-14 59.90 % F 19 Doncaster AC First Timer! 19 Member of the parkrun 10 Club
118 Andrea ROBINSON 27:50 VW40-44 56.11 % F 21 Doncaster AC First Timer! 20
139 Catherine Mary JOHNSON 30:16 VW55-59 59.03 % F 31 Doncaster AC New PB! 16
147 Claire MACLEOD 30:52 VW40-44 50.97 % F 37 Doncaster AC New PB! 5 Strava logo
207 Sarah MACHIN 41:20 SW25-29 35.81 % F 76 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:37:52 3 Strava logo
208 Richard MACLEOD 43:06 VM45-49 33.41 % M 132 Doncaster AC New PB! 4 Strava logo
211 Mark CAWOOD 43:43 VM40-44 31.68 % M 133 Doncaster AC New PB! 20
214 Abigail MACHIN 45:39 SW20-24 32.42 % F 80 Doncaster AC First Timer!

Clumber Park

253 Jane CHANDLER 45:07 VW50-54 37.16 % F 116 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:26:20 22


1 Daniel ORME 18:51  SM20-24 68.44 % M 1   New PB! 8
3 Niall HORSTEAD 19:43 SM25-29 65.43 % M 3 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:11 34 Strava logo
4 James OSBORNE 20:23 SM30-34 63.45 % M 4 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:18:47 45 Strava logo
12 Marie-Louise TAYLOR 21:32 VW40-44 71.05 % F 1 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:27 18 Strava logoFitbit logo
17 Peter OLIVER 22:37 VM55-59 69.12 % M 16 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:00 11
22 Jess ROWLAND 22:49 JW10 74.80 % F 2 Doncaster AC New PB! 4
25 Simon PARKIN 23:00 VM45-49 62.10 % M 23 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:47 31
29 Richard RANDLE 23:25 VM55-59 66.19 % M 27 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:17 64 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
35 Martin BOYD 23:45 VM50-54 64.14 % M 33 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:55 73 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
43 Rob PEACH 25:00 VM40-44 55.87 % M 41 Doncaster AC New PB! 38
47 Bill TOPPING 25:13 VM65-69 68.41 % M 45 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:14 75 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
56 Phil WHITEHEAD 26:02 SM25-29 49.55 % M 52 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:26 63 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
93 Ruth HUNTER 30:02 VW45-49 55.16 % F 13 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:26:17 44
94 Simon HUNTER 30:02 VM50-54 49.89 % M 81 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:48 79 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
143 Ian FLEETON 38:55 SM30-34 33.53 % M 93 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:38 4 Strava logo

Nostell Priory

105 Carrie WATSON 30:04 SW30-34 49.33 % F 42 Doncaster AC New PB! 5
166 Fiona L MUNRO 37:59 VW45-49 42.21 % F 78 Doncaster AC First Timer! 7
168 Stuart BEEBY 38:04 VM55-59 40.37 % M 89 Doncaster AC First Timer! 6

Dolby Forest

45 Paul BROWN 25:42 VM60-64 64.66 % M 34 Doncaster AC First Timer! 88 Member of the parkrun 50 Club