Results Update March 2022 – Waterways 30/Norton 9/Wakefield Hospice 10k/Sherwood Pines Half Marathon/Monsal Trail Half Day 1 and Day 2/ Sheffield Half Marathon

Waterways 30 – 5th March 2022

31Sharon CarsonDoncaster Athletic Club05:20:22
60Trevor BlakeDoncaster Athletic Club06:03:08
61Claire AngusDoncaster Athletic Club06:03:08
98Claire SaylesDoncaster Athletic Club07:46:54

Trev Blake: “Well and truly knackered!! Waterways 30 2022, out n back due to floods – mud mud glorious mud. Thanks to Claire Angus for helping me get round and actually sticking to our pre run plan of pacing”

Norton 9 – 6th March 2022

Pos   Name   Cat   CatPos   Time   
6Lee VarleyMS(005/060)00:50:10
9Peter BadgerM45(001/033)00:52:12
12Simon WrightM55(001/025)00:53:18
48Martin JamesM45(006/033)00:58:34
54Chris CampbellMS(022/060)00:59:19
144Pete WadeM60(005/012)01:09:15
158Rebecca CoatesFS(009/018)01:10:36
283Julie CullF60(006/019)01:24:12
321Angela ClarkeF45(017/027)01:29:38

Wakefield Hospice 10k – 20th March 2022

PositionNameCategoryCategory PositionChip Time
6Peter BadgerMV451/9334:41:00
17Simon WrightMV551/5136:42:00
52Martin JamesMV457/9339:26:00
175Pete WadeMV607/4045:03:00
182Marie-Louise TaylorFV452/8645:19:00

Sherwood Pines Half – 20th March 2022

PosGun TimeAthleteSurNameCategoryCatPosGenPos

Monsal trail half day 1 and 2 – 27th March 2022

Day 1

PosChip TimeAthleteSurNameCategoryCatPosGenPos

Day 2

PosChip TimeAthleteSurNameCategoryCatPosGenPos

Sheffield Half – 27th March 2022

Pos.NameCat.Chip timeGender pos.Cat pos.Chip pos.
2294Trevor BlakeMV4002:03:2417394652300