Results update – Report from the Phoenix Marathon, Dewsbury 10k, Pie N Pint 5 Mile, Mickleden Straddle, Time Trial and parkruns

Dewsbury 10k – 2 February 2020

PB’s for Lee Varley and Kirsty Laing. Jimmy ran his 1st race after damaging his toe and ran his 2nd fastest 10k of all time, should have tried harder and gone sub 35 though 🙂

Photo by Michael Hirst

Simon ran his fastest 10k since 2017 winning his age group and ranking him 3rd in the UK for 2020 so far. Martin Wilkinson ran his best 10k since 2017 and Martin James was pleased with his time to set a bench mark for 2020.

PositionNameCategoryCategory PositionNet Time
39Lee VarleyMSEN34/39033:45
73James OsborneMSEN58/39035:01
88Simon WrightMV551/10535:15
121Martin JamesMV4019/18736:16
675Kirsty LaingFSEN64/32845:35
856Martin WilkinsonMV45119/19547:57

Pie N Pint 5 Mile off road race – 1 February 2020

Darren said ” Nice bit of bling today at Pately pie and pint trail run 😁
And a shed load of christmas weight shifted this month as a bonus 🥳 ”

Well done all runners, a great way to end RED with a race on 1st Feb

106Tracie Whyman1:16:01
109Angela Clarke1:16:08
110David Moores1:16:13
111Darren Whyman1:16:15

Mickleden Straddle – 2 February 2020

Mariusz said “It was very wet, muddy, windy and cold typical fell race but it was fantastic, 90 seconds faster than last year so I can see progress, Justyna ran as well as she did last year, but conditions were much worse than last year.

18Mariusz Felczerek2:01:48M40
147Justyna Felczerek2:53:17L Sen

Becky HB Report from the Phoenix Marathon

Phoenix Marathon a damp day & cold as the day wore on, but it could have worse weather wise. I entered the event to test my head as much as my body, 3.28 mile loops, so 8 for a marathon. The course down a canal path, crossing a lock, over a bridge on the main road and back following the River Storts banks. The tow paths were great for running on but the riverbank & woodland we’re consistently claggy mud. My trainers were a good couple of llb heavier down this side. Over a steep bridge at the latter end and stamping to remove mud. I found my leg was being whipped by bracken stuck in the mud in my shoe!

The pains in my feet began at 13 miles, from the point on I found a fence halfway round as a leaning post & quickly removed my shoes, stretched my toes & carried on till the next lap. I had to dig deep (not literally) on the muddy side to push on through telling my feet how well they were doing.

I felt strong when I finished and could have continued. Post run assessment what had been a toe nail that kept catching on my sock revealed why, a lovely blister underneath. Dealt with that and felt good on a solid 8 mile recovery run the morning after in the rain.
On waking up this morning could I have run another marathon – yes, however the thought of 9 more at the moment in time is pretty daunting.

Doncaster AC Time Trial – 28 February 2020

Thank you as always to the volunteers, everyone should take a turn at Marshaling please. Thank you to Chris Lawson for letting us use his timing system. Please call in to the club after the time trial for a drink 🙂

PlaceBibRacer nameFinish time  Difference 
1349Peter Oliver – 1 lap12:02.3
2399Hannah Bond – 1 lap13:28.5+1:26.2
3400Amelia Wilk – 1 lap14:29.0+2:26.7
4354Natalie Bone – 1 lap15:09.3+3:07.0
5362Cheryl Price – 1 lap18:26.8+6:24.5
6708Daniel Reeve – 2 laps23:22.2+11:19.9
7391Nick Newman – 2 laps27:02.6+15:00.3
8347Peter Badger28:12.1+16:09.8
9162Dawn Fletcher – 2 laps31:33.8+19:31.5
10239Adam Cotterill31:36.9+19:34.6
11117Bill Topping – 2 laps32:18.3+20:16.0
12269Merv Christison33:00.9+20:58.6
13356Mo Rodwell34:06.1+22:03.8
14275Pete Wade35:27.0+23:24.7
15706Marie-Louise Taylor35:28.6+23:26.3
16351Malc Leggett35:55.3+23:53.0
17365Paul Bond35:56.1+23:53.8
18722Jo Goodall36:07.6+24:05.3
19228Kirsty Laing36:38.1+24:35.8
20367Simon Parkin37:07.0+25:04.7
21289George Laing38:31.3+26:29.0
22723Martin Wilkinson39:55.8+27:53.5
23249Mick Riley40:10.9+28:08.6
24326Paul Johnson41:25.3+29:23.0
25720Sally Hayes41:49.7+29:47.4
26378Laura Lewis45:09.1+33:06.8
27721Laura Emmerson45:19.0+33:16.7
28325Mick Hair45:33.8+33:31.5
29716Caroline Bond49:19.6+37:17.3

Parkruns – 1 February 2020

Doncaster Park Run 28 March 

We need for volunteers at Doncaster Park run on 28th March please. DAC are providing the volunteers for the day. If you can help please contact Mark Webster.

At Cusworth 1st lady was Lisa FOUWEATHER .


38Tracy LANDFemaleVW50-54Doncaster AC24:57


138Kian BROWNMaleJM10Doncaster AC24:51


115Matthew HARVEYMaleSM30-34Doncaster AC34:02

Rother Valley

168Kevin BRENNANMaleVM60-64Doncaster AC27:54
204Jody BREEZEFemaleVW45-49Doncaster AC29:15
337Michelle GUESTFemaleVW55-59Doncaster AC34:50
442Joanne REYNOLDSFemaleVW35-39Doncaster AC52:05


104Marie-Louise TAYLORFemaleVW40-44Doncaster AC23:41
310Trevor BLAKEMaleVM40-44Doncaster AC28:39
355Mark KENWORTHYMaleVM50-54Doncaster AC29:39


44George LAINGMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC24:03
58Grace THOMASFemaleJW15-17Doncaster AC24:44


2Mariusz FELCZEREKMaleVM40-44Doncaster AC19:21
10Jonathan FRARYMaleVM35-39Doncaster AC21:24
28Phil BUSSEYMaleVM70-74Doncaster AC23:32
29Lee VARLEYMaleVM35-39Doncaster AC23:39
31Simon PARKINMaleVM50-54Doncaster AC23:43
80Janet POWELLFemaleVW60-64Doncaster AC27:26
84Martin BOYDMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC27:29
126Michael HAIRMaleVM50-54Doncaster AC29:42
139Alan THIMBLEBYMaleVM60-64Doncaster AC30:14
155Malcolm GREENMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC31:15
157Laura FRASERFemaleVW40-44Doncaster AC31:28
190Julie GUESTFemaleVW55-59Doncaster AC35:40
236Rebecca COATESFemaleSW25-29Doncaster AC39:57
245Dee SCHADEFemaleVW60-64Doncaster AC43:03
246Winifred COSTELLOFemaleVW55-59Doncaster AC43:04


54Ian FLEETONMaleVM35-39Doncaster AC26:29
257Sarah FOSTERFemaleVW40-44Doncaster AC50:19

Market Rasen

106Bill TOPPINGMaleVM70-74Doncaster AC29:19


12Lisa FOUWEATHERFemaleSW18-19Doncaster AC23:13
29Ian MCCREADIEMaleVM60-64Doncaster AC25:33
87Claire SAYLESFemaleVW35-39Doncaster AC32:03
105Grace SETTERINGTONFemaleJW11-14Doncaster AC34:52
114Pam RYALLFemaleVW55-59Doncaster AC37:05