Richard Randle runs 100 miles for WaterAid

The Long Distance Walkers Association recently hosted their annual 100 mile challenge walk in May 2013, also known as the CamelTeign Ivor’s Dream 100. The event was named in honour of the death of Ivor Kingwell, a Scout leader and the designer of the course It is a scenic Coast to Coast route across the counties of Cornwall and Devon. It takes in breath-taking scenery whilst traversing both Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor, a true 100 miler!

I am pleased to say that I completed the event in 31hr 09 minutes, spurred on largely by stubbornness, raising funds for my favourite charity, WaterAid, and knowing that bailing was not an option! DG would never live it down! Memories of the event that will stay with me include a rising but blood red full moon in Baskerville country, switching off my head torch whilst led by moonlight (and a shooting star!) plenty of tin mine chimneys silhouetted against a clear sky line, and popping plenty of strawberry flavoured energy gels!

Whilst the event may be over, I am continuing to collect funds on behalf of WaterAid, on my Justgiving web page. To make a donation, simply click on the link below: It is simple, fast and totally secure!

WaterAid carry-out fresh water and sanitation projects across countries that are less fortunate in acquiring such infrastructure. With your generous donation, funds can be distributed in a number of ways:

I thank you in advance for your generosity. If you hear someone say 100 milers are easy, don’t believe them. The preparation can be just as if not harder than the event itself!

Richard Randle

June 2013