2023 Road League and Road Relays update

A quick catch up to see how we are doing in the local South Yorkshire Road League and the 12 stage Northern Road Relays:

Barry said “Fabulous team effort today. Club should be well proud of your performances. Special mention to Steve Fox, he was the 12th man and without him there would not have been a complete team. Well done Steve”

Peter said “Well done to all of the athletes who competed in the Northern relays yesterday. There were some amazing performances with the team finishing 17th after being placed as high as 10th at one point. Special thanks to Martin James and Steve Fox who agreed to step in with a few days notice and ran their best 5k’s of the year in the worst of the conditions. I have just received an email to confirm that the club has qualified for the national 12 stage relays in Birmingham so a great achievement.”

All the athletes had great runs and were greatful for our team managers and of course the race officals. We were delighted to finish 17th team and it was great to see our team mates who are away at uni.

We even managed to get a complete team photo

Long legs were 9.5km and short legs 5km:

17  Doncaster AC                        4:31:38
        George Phillips  (12) 29:55 Long
        H Cullen         (10) 15:34 Short
        Lee Varley       (14) 32:09 Long
        J Phillips       (15) 17:30 Short
        Lee Davies       (16) 33:06 Long
        Samuel Lockwood  (17) 17:39 Short
        P Badger         (17) 33:50 Long
        Joe Warren       (16) 17:12 Short
        Connor Anderson  (14) 16:28 Short
        Oliver Hope      (14) 17:55 Short
        Martin James     (15) 18:46 Short
        Stephen Fox      (18) 21:34 Short

South Yorkshire Road League

The 1st event was at a new course starting and finishing at Elsecar Heritage Centre, 29 May 2023, on quite a hilly course. Great running team DAC.

227:38Lee VarleyM35
929:22Peter BadgerMV45
1930:26Sam LockwoodMS
4932:25Andy ConstantineMV50
5632:41Martin JamesMV45
9434.21Paul BondMV60
11535:44Marie Louise TaylorFV45
11835:53Pete WadeMV65
13636:50Simon ParkinMV50
16338:25Caroline WheelhouseFV65
22443:01Laura LewisFV40
26548:06Julie CullFV65
26948:50Caroline BondFV55
27349:54Joanne BreezeFV50
27750:39Bridget BouttellFV55

The second event was at everyones favourite venue, Lodge Moor on 5 April. Probably the hilliest 5 mile road race in the area. Another great turnout for DAC and great performances all.

Chris Cull has been at all the road league races taking photos of all runners, thanks Chris!

529:06Lee Davies
930:09Peter Badger
1130:26Sam Lockwood
3732:57Joe Wade
5133:27Andy Constantine
5734:00Martin James
10336:21Paul Bond
??Chris Campbell
12537:48Pete Wade
12637:54Marie Louise Taylor
16540:07Caroline Wheelhouse
25149:25Julie Cull
25650:59Caroline Bond
25751:12Bridget Bouttell