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Relay Events

To get your names down please contact Martin James.

British Masters Road Relays – 18 May 2019 (Saturday)


Details here of races –Closing date 27 April 2019 – M/F35, M/F45, M/F55, M/F65+, M75+. Approximate 5km legs.

Martin James V40

Peter Badger V40

Carl Ryde V40

Peter Tallents V45

Chris Morran V40

Simon Wright V50

Kevin Newman V60

Darren Wood M45

Sarah Smith F40

Glynn Jones M50

Shaz Wood F35

Simon Jennings V35

Michael Reynolds

Roy Turton M50

Sean Poulter

The Dam Flask Relays – 25 June 2019 (Tuesday evening)


South Yorkshire Road Relay Championships – 3.5 mile laps –
Senior and Veteran (M40, M50, M60, F35, F45) age groups. Teams of 4 for the men and teams of 3 for the ladies. All abilities welcome.

Martin James

Nick Newman

Reb Peach

Alan Thimbleby

Simon Parkin

Diane Polwin

Peter Badger

Michelle Louise Ward

Andrea Robinson

Marie Louise

Rose James

Darren Wood

Dave Watts

Jimmy Osborne

Jane Purchase

Pete Wade

Lisa Fouweather

Phil Whitehead

Jody Breeze

Roy Turton

Julie Cull

Northern Athletics Road Relays – 21 September 2019 (Saturday)


Mark Webster

Martin James

Peter Badger

Sarah Smith

Jody Breeze

Glynn Jones

Julie Cull

Tom Chisholm

Simon Parkin

Michelle Louise Ward

Jayne Beresford

Susan Forbes

Darren Wood

Shaz Wood

Andrew Teasdale

Jane Purchase

Phil Whitehead

Jimmy Osborne (probably no)

Lisa Fouweather (check age groups)

Adam Allam (check age groups)

Roy Turton