South Yorkshire Cross Country League Results – Wentworth Castle

The next fixture is at Doncaster, 16 November at the Northern Racing College on Bawtry Road.  Its a great course so with it being on our door step lets have a great turnout, numbers available from the cabin.  We will be looking for marshals to help the event take place.

DSCF0290A warm welcome to the extra faces including Caroline Wheelhouse who ran a marathon only a week ago (and is ranked No 1 in UK for V55 Lady!) and Jane Pickard who is on our beginner running course at the moment!  Some new to cross country and all DSCF0294enjoyed it!

Very impressive running everyone, 40 runners took part from DAC and we probably had over 15 men / U20 / U17 who did not get to take part.  Its quite a long drive so disappointing.

The men’s race was cancelled at the last minute.  This will have been a very difficult decision to make by the organizers.  I was as disappointed as anyone but these things happen.  The official statement follows:

“First of all, a big apology DSCF0312

to all U17Men and Senior & Vet Men who never got to run today. In the end there was no alternative but to end the event before the last race. The position regarding deer in the park meant that it was not safe to continue. It was a complicated situation and some of you may be aware of the complicating issues. I would prefer not to put them down in print.

Unfortunately, because of the cancelling of the last race, there will be no team points for seniors or juniors (the U17s count as juniors for the points totals).

I will let you know what the situation will be for the Men’s, Vet Mens and U17 Men’s League awards when I have given it a bit more thought. At the moment, I can’t see any way other than making it the best 2 out of 3 with the Champs as a compulsory counter.”

Full set of photos on the photos tab.



Under 11 Girls

Pos Time Name
14 7:13 Isobel McAleavy
31 7:58 Bronwyn Elliott
36 8:16 Amy Tallents
39 8:23 Isabel Robinson
43 10:05 Sophie James
44 10:41 Caroline James

Under 11 Boys


Pos Time Name
9 6:23 Adam Allam
22 7:03 Thomas Pickard
25 7:24 Maxim Boulby
27 7:31 James Flanaghan
28 7:36 Joe Higham

Under 13 Girls

Pos Time Name
26 16:56 Emelia Colber
27 16:57 Abbie Dunnill
31 17:16 Tiegan Paterson
33 17:55 Catherin Forrester
37 19:39 Maddison Simpson

Under 13 Boys

Pos Time Name
9 15:39 George Rowland
23 19:41 Harry Watts

Under 15 Girls

Pos Time Name
7 13:11 Molly Butterworth
8 13:26 Ellie Watts
13 14:20 Alice Baston

Under 15 Boys

Pos Time Name
6 16:34 Nishan Singh
8 17:08 Emil Abiad
12 17:40 Harry Mcrea
14 17:47 Joe Law
15 17:54 George Westerman
19 20:39 Michael Forrester

Under 17 Ladies

Pos Time Name
6 19:30 Emily Barker
8 23:36 Kelsey Wilson

Under 20, Senior and Vet Ladies

Pos Time Name Cat
14 28:41 Caroline Wheelhouse L55
16 28:49 Georgina Weston U20
45 32:07 Marie-Louise Taylor L35
54 32:48 Jessica Royle U20
65 34:04 Rose James L35
70 34:59 Michelle Ward L35
103 39:28 Andrea Ribinson L35
105 39:32 Jane Pickard L35
109 40:19 Helen Abiad L45

 Vet Men 65+

Pos Time Name Cat
3 29:33 Philip Bussey M65
5 31:28 Dave Evans M65