South Yorkshire Road League #1 – Lodge Moor Results

27 Doncaster AC Athletes made the journey to Lodge Moor, Sheffield.  I was aiming to arrive for 6:15 to sort our numbers and warm up.  With traffic problems I arrived at 6:50, threw a few numbers about and we were off.

This is the toughest of the four this year (I am assuming Wombwell is easier as never done that one).

The club had an amazing 5 age group winners, F55 Caroline Wheelhouse, M50 Simon Wright, M55 Kevin Newman, M60 Mick Page and M65 Philip Bussey.  All inspirational athletes as we all know.


The team results are:

Ladies (3 to count), 16 teams in the competition.  Doncaster are in 8th place on 115:36.

Senior Men (4 to count under 40), 10 teams in the competition.  Doncaster are in 2nd place with 121:27

Vet Men (4 to count 40+), 13 teams in the competition.  Doncaster are in 4th place with 127:04

Click the below image to see who is chasing us and who we are chasing.

CaptureWe have put together a collection of photographs which volunteers took of everyone, our thanks to Keith Lindley, Philip Kelley and also to Mossie Net photos.  Please consider donating to the Mossie Net charity to protect people from malaria.






Contact Martin James if you want a number for the next one.

NEXT FIXTURE – Wednesday, 22nd April  Netherwood ALC School, Wombwell

Go along the Wombwell bypass and there is a roundabout with a large bridge over it. The School is where the race starts on the wide road so please don’t park there but use the school car park. There is also parking at the Wombwell track(the start for the Wombwell 5). Toilets are at the track and in the school. If you park at the track there is a path on the Trans Pennine Trial to the school. The finish is on the Trail so please don’t congregate there as there will be other trail users on cycles and walking who will need to pass.

Full results will appear here.  Individual Results for DAC:

Position Time Name Cat
1 27:18 Daniel Chan – Barnsley AC MS
5 28:40 Dean Watson MS
12 29:10 Simon Wright MV50
18 29:42 Callum Wilson MS
26 30:15 Kevin Newman MV55
33 30:58 Martin James MS
53 32:07 Rhys Gibson MS
57 32:27 Mick Page MV60
68 33:01 Ben Elliot MS
76 33:20 Elliot Tong MS
77 33:21 Gary Long MS
95 34:11 Caroline Wheelhouse FV55
119 35:12 Mo Rodwell MV50
123 35:20 Phillip Bussey MV65
137 35:41 Jay Buxton MV45
166 37:06 Pete Wade MV55
174 37:24 Simon Parkin MV45
194 38:09 Alan Carson MV45
199 38:24 Steve Fox MS
230 39:46 Rose James FV35
231 39:48 Martin Wilkinson MV40
275 41:39 Janet Kerry FV40
284 42:00 Jamie Westerman MV40
293 42:15 Elizabeth Jackson FV40
308 43:10 Sharon Carson FV50
400 51:41 Joanne Breeze FV40
418 64:34 Rebecca Barlow FS
419 64:35 Patricia Murphy-Rush FS