South Yorkshire Road League – Final Fixture Oxspring 13 May 2015 (late report)

We have had a very successful year with record number taking part, winners in several age Capturegroups and we fielded complete teams in 2 or the 3 categories.  It was disappointing to not field a complete senior mens team in all races, especially given that after the second race we were in second place.  Despite what you might think, these races are excellent preparation for the racing season and I am hopeful that going forward more senior men will support the club and compete in both this series and the cross country.  Thank you to all 38 athletes that competed in at least one of the races, it was great to see so many Doncaster AC vests being worn with pride (including some athletes new to the road league) and it was fantastic to see so many of our new runners from the Pacers taking part, this demonstrated how all abilities are welcome to take part.

Anyone who does not believe that these races represent a fantastic training opportunity need look no further than our inspirational veteran athletes, some of who are ranked Number 1 in the UK on Power of 10!  How have they got to such a high standard?  Year in year out they do the South Yorkshire Road League and Cross Country League as part of their training / racing program.


Kev Newman #1 in UK


Caroline Wheelhouse #1 in UK

This race meets the standard for Power of 10 to be classified as a 5 mile road race, as such looking at national rankings, Caroline Wheelhouse is ranked number 1 V55 lady, Kevin Newman is ranked number 1 V55 Man, Simon Wright is ranked No 2 V50 man, Mick Page is ranked 5th V60 man and Philip Bussey is ranked 5th V65 man.

We had 21 athletes compete in the final race, this compares to 12 last year and shows how our club is increasing participation across the board.

Full set of photos here, please support this charity if you like the photos.


Rick Wright is back!


Position League Position (4 events) Time Name Category
9 M50 – 1st 27:28 Simon Wright MV50
17 M55 – 1st 28:25 Kevin Newman MV55
18 28:41 George Phillips MS
36 29:29 Rhys Gibson MS
39 MS – 10 29:46 Martin James MS
49 M60 – 1st 30:05 Mick Page MV60
79 31:39 Peter Simpson MV40
93 M50 – 7 32:02 Mo Rodwell MV50
97 32:07 Jay Buxton MV45
100 F55 – 1st 32:17 Caroline Wheelhouse FV55
122 M65 – 1st 33:00 Philip Bussey MV65
148 34:09 Martin Wilkinson MV40
157 M55 – 5 34:21 Pete Wade MV55
170 M45 – 12 34:54 Simon Parkin MV45
199 36:06 Marie-Louise Taylor FV35
214 F35 – 5 37:14 Rose James FV35
244 38:10 Rick Wright MV50
382 47:57 Joanne Breeze FV40
393 FS – 17 53:42 Patricia Murphy-Rush FS
397 60:19 Rose Fells FV45
398 FS – 19 62:39 Rebecca Barlow FS

The inspirational Becci and Rose