Steel City Cup Challenge

We have been asked to circulate the following event:

Mount St. Mary’s, Spinkhill

Sunday 9th September 2018

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Following last year’s successful event where the competition was extended to all the clubs in the area this year’s event will once again take place at Mount St Marys College in Spinkhill.

Being an “end of season” event, the atmosphere has been both enjoyable and fought keenly.

The following local clubs are invited, so that it can be contested between: –

City of Sheffield & Dearne AC, Hallamshire Harriers, Doncaster AC, Rotherham Harriers & AC, 2 Dash, Chesterfield & DAC, Barnsley AC/Wombwell Sporting AC (joint).

To that end, we would like to invite each club to encourage their athletes to join us on the day.

The format is fairly straight-forward:  athletes compete in age group/gender for a series of traditional track and field events.  Although any number may enter, only the first two athletes from each club will score points towards the Cup (a typical example is shown below).

The first three athletes per age group/gender will receive an individual medal for each discipline.

In addition to, and separate from the above, we also have in mind to put on a Steel City Relays Shield, at the same event.
This will take place at the latter part of the day, and hopefully between the same clubs.  The intention is to again split by age group/gender and events will be:-

4 x 100m for all age groups
3 x 600m for U11s; 3 x 800m for other age groups
4 x 400m for U15 to Senior

A club may enter up to 2 teams per event for each age group/gender.  Scores will be awarded 6/5/4/3/2/1 for each race, and the shield will be awarded to the club who gains most overall points.

Each member of the winning team per distance/age group/gender will receive an individual medal.

All track events will have Photo Finish and EDM on long throws

Entry fees for the Steel City Cup will be £5 for one event; £6 for two events; £7 for three events; £8 for four events.

Entry fees for the Relays will be £4 per team – accepted from a club member or parent.  It will be up to that person to then construct their team (and recoup money from individuals as necessary).

Entry fees have been kept to a minimum, as the objective is focused more on enjoyment than fund-raising.  Despite this, previous years have shown a surplus and, in keeping with Sheffield Festival of Athletics wishes for transparency, we will be donating a sizable proportion of any surplus to a local charity.

Last year’s event with your help raised £704.61 which was donated to the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.


We hope your club will come along to support this event and have an enjoyable day out.

John Howley

Steve Marshal


Steel City Cup Challenge

Entry is by individual.

All events will be scored by each age group/gender.

“Guest” competitors may be allowed to run for a club, at the discretion of the organisers.  The intention of this is to allow youngsters who are genuinely about to join a club to participate.  We would also extend this to athletes who regularly train with one of the invited clubs, but currently compete for a club who is not included.
We do not expect a large volume of these – nor any “ringers,” as this is not in the spirit of the competition.

All events will be time/performance trials – no heats and finals.

There is no restriction on the number of athletes who may enter, although only the first two from each club per age group/gender will contribute to the scoring.

Example Event Result (based on 4 teams competing) :-

Name                    Team                     Time                      Points                   Medal

Amy Q                   Club A                   13.4                        8                              First

Claire X                 Club B                   13.5                        7                              Second

Helen S                 Club A                   13.6                        6                              Third

Sarah D                 Club C                   13.7                        5

Emma F                Club B                   13.8                        4

Daisy G                 Club D                   14.0                        3

Emily B                 Club A                   14.1                        0

Isabel Z                 Club B                   14.5                        0

Jane W                  Club C                   15.1                        2

Kate T                    Club C                   15.2                        0

Paula R                 Club B                   15.3                        0

(The 1 point is not awarded because Club D only had one competitor)


Age Groups

U11B   U11G   U13B   U13G   U15B   U15G U17M   U17W   U20M   U20W   SenM   SenW


Cup Events

100m                                                                     High Jump

200m                                                                     Pole Vault

400m (not U11/U13)                                      Long Jump

800m                                                                     Shot

1500m (not U11)                                              Discus

Sprint Hurdles                                                   Javelin

2km 3km and 5km Race Walks                    Hammer


Shield Relay Events

4 x 100m (all ages)

4 x 400m (not U11/U13)

3 x 600m (U11 only)

3 x 800m (all ages except U/11))