Town Moor Time Trial – Starts 15 October

The traditional Town Moor time Trial starts again next Tuesday….15th October. We meet up on Town moor Avenue at 6:15 to start running at 6:30. For the experienced amongst you, there is no need to tell you about the format, so this is just for the uninitiated amongst you. When you get to the meeting point, (Town Moor Avenue opposite Hampton Road) give your name to Roy Veall, after a lot of debate you will get your handicap.

The time trial starts with the slower runners and progresses through everyone until the fastest are set off according to their allocated time handicap.

It is then 3 laps of the course which is shown here.  This is an excellent event where all the club comes together, it is very sociable and also an excellent training tool, with the slower runners having their chance to finish a race in 1st position and the faster runners there are targets to chase.

Complete as many as you want, you score points and the athlete with the most points at the end of the series will win a prize (best 5 out of 6).

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