YDL Upper Fixture 1 – Sunday 27th April 2014

Youth Development League (Upper)

Fixture 1 – Sunday 27th April 2014

At Kingdom Athletics, Pitreavie, KY11 8PP

Travel Arrangements

What To Take – This is common sense, but please include:

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for an athletics match
  • Appropriate nightwear
  • Towels, toiletries, etc
  • DAC vests & club kit, spikes, skins, etc
  • Medication if appropriate

Medications, Health & Injuries

Due to the age of the athletes it is assumed that they are responsible enough to monitor their own prescription medicines. Managers are not allowed to administer medication unless they have the express & written permission of the athlete’s parent. This includes aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen. There are several first aiders available that can deal with minor ailments and emergency first aid.

Saturday 26th April

We will leave the Premier Inn (Yorkshire Outlet) car park by coach at 11am, making a comfort break during the journey before arriving at the hotel early evening.

Premier Inn (Bathgate), Livingston, EH48 1LQ

There is a Toby Carvery nearby where we will probably be taking an evening meal, athletes must pay for this separately.

Sunday 27th April    

Breakfast will be provided at the hotel and paid for by DAC.

A handful of earlier event athletes will travel to the meeting at approximately 9am by car. The main group will leave the hotel at 10am for the 25/30 minute journey to the track. During the match, water and sandwiches will be provided by DAC.

We will leave the track as soon as the meeting finished (around 6.15pm) for home.

There will be a brief comfort stop on the way down before arriving at Doncaster at approximately midnight.

Terry Winmill              (07706 986818)

Elaine Scott                 (07546 244361)

Sharon Langton          (07909 857712)

Your membership and competition licence must be up to date to compete in any league.