YVAA CC Championships – Penistone

See Martin James if you want to enter:

Venue: Penistone Showground, Penistone, (at the back of the Tesco store in Penistone, next to Penistone and District Bowling Club, S36 6DW).
Hosted by: Penistone FR (permit applied for)

Postcode for Satnav is Penistone & District Bowling Club, Back Lane, off Schole Avenue, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6DW.

Parking for runners will be at the Penistone Grammar School, Huddersfield Road, Penistone, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 7BX. This is approximately 15 minutes’ walk from the event field.
Parking for Officials will be at Penistone & District Bowling Club, Back Lane, off Schole Avenue, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6DW
Coaches: If you are bringing a coach it would help to inform the organiser before the event, so he can advise you on the best place to park. The school has a bus bay.

Registration: Registration will take place in the Bowling Club. Team managers or a representative from each club should collect envelopes containing numbers and age group categories (to be worn on the back). Registration will open at approx. 10.30 am. Please make sure your athletes bring enough pins for both race number and age category number. Bring your own sandwiches and light refreshments. The start is 2 minutes from Registration

Facilities: Toilets are available on the course. There are outside toilets and indoor toilets (bowling club) available. If using the indoor facilities, please remove muddy footwear and no spikes.

Presentations: The presentations will take place in the Bowling Club building after the finish of the last race, as soon as the results have been processed. Please ensure you or another member of your club stays to collect any trophies (individual or team) that may have been won. Obviously, all data has to be entered, results checked and printed, this will be done as fast as it is humanly possible but will not be instant! Bring some sandwiches and light refreshments and chat to your fellow competitors about the great or not so great run you’ve just had!

The course: The course below will be used. One lap is 1.5 miles or 2.5 km.

Club tents: An area for club tents will be available adjacent to the start / finish area.

General view of the area

See website for larger version

The course will be similar to that shown below (subject to ground conditions etc.). The section between D and E is along a hard track although there is a grass verge / edge that can be run along for the majority of its length. There is one very short section, about 10m that is tarmac.If wearing spikes then you may therefore wish to keep them to short spikes. If you have them perhaps bring fell / trail shoes as well and decide what to wear on the day when you have had a run round and assessed the conditions.

The Course: 2 laps for 5K, 4 laps for 10K

Race 1) Start at 12.00 noon: (All F45+, F55+ and F65+ ladies and M70+) 5 km – 2 laps.

Race 2) Start at 1.20 pm approx.: (M50, M55, M60 and M65 and F35 – 44) 10 km – 4 laps.

Race 3) Start at 1.20 pm approx.: (M35, M40 and M45) 10 km – 4 laps.


  1. In order to shorten the ‘event day’ we have once again combined Race 2 and 3 so they will both start at approx. 1.20pm. This saves over an hour on the day.
  2. Teams are M35 – 39, M40 – 49, M50 – 59, M60 – 69, M70+, F35 – 44, F45 – 54, F55 – 64 and F65+ but individual trophies are in usual 5-year age groups.
  3. An older runner can compete in a younger team e.g., F45 in F35 – 44 team but can only count towards individual trophy if in correct race e.g., F45 in F35 – 44 team would run in Race 2 whereas all other F45’s in Race 1, so couldn’t count in individual F45.

    YVAA Awards
    Men 1st 3 M/35, M/40, M/45, M/50, M/55, M/60, M/65, M/70, M75+

Women 1st 3 F35, F/40, F/45, F/50, F/55, F/60, F/65, F/70+

Teams: 3 to score; Men 35 -39, 40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60 – 69, 70 +
Women 35 – 44, 45 – 54, 55- 64 and 65+ (medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams)

Shields for ‘All to Count’ teams in each team age category. A minimum of 5 runners needed to qualify in all teams. Winning team (1st 3rd to count) are eligible to win All to Count if they have sufficient entries to qualify.

Numbers/registration (from 10.30 am): To be collected on the day by team managers. Please ensure your runners bring a minimum of 6 pins for numbers/age categories.

NOTE: All runners must wear club vests with age category on the back of their vest. Failure to do so may result in demotion down the finish list, if a complaint is made to the referee and it is deemed to have a possible effect on placings.

Entry Fee: £6.00 per individual runner. Please pay by bank transfer, see details on entry form. Contact the YVAA treasurer by email Thomas Sharp thomas.sharp@me.com if you have any problems. If you cannot do bank transfers then pay by cheque payable to Yorkshire Veterans Athletics Association (in full not YVAA), and send to Rob Kersey (address below and on entry form). Entry forms can either be posted or emailed to Rob.

Entries to: Rob Kersey, 8 Wellhouses, Cartworth Bank Road, Holmfirth, W Yorks. HD9 2SS, Email: robhh1950@gmail.com on official entry form (on website at www.yvaa.org and sent to all clubs by email. Please enclose SAE if you wish for confirmation that your entries have been received, otherwise Rob will try and send email confirmation if you supply legible email address.

Closing date: Saturday 16th March 2024.
NOTE: While we will try to be as flexible as possible with late entries we cannot guarantee entries after the closing date. Clubs must ring or email Rob Kersey, robhh1950@gmail.com, to check it is possible and if agreed ok, must bring a cheque or cash (in a labelled envelope) on the day if it cannot reach him in time by post.