2020 – DAC Endurance Club Championships

The 2020 Club Championship has been re-structured in the hope of creating a more competitive event with bonus points being awarded for the first time.

15 races have been selected with the opener being the Ferriby 10 on 26th January and the season finale again being the very popular Doncaster 10k in November.

Scores gained in all 15 races will count towards your total score.

Points are awarded on a sliding scale from 100 points for 1st place down to 1pt for finishing in last place. Here are some examples.

If you came 250th in a race of 500 finishers, you would score 50 pts.

If you came 100th in a race of 1,000 finishers, you would score 90 pts

If you came 1,800th in a race of 2,000 finishers, you would score 10 pts

Using the last example –

Take your race position and divide it by the number of finishers. 1,800/2,000 = 0.9

Deduct 1 from this figure. 0.9 – 1 = -0.1

Multiply this figure by -100.  -0.1 x -100 = 10pts

Volunteering Bonus Points

If you help out/volunteer/marshall at any of our 2 track events or 3 races you can earn 20 pts each time – so that’s up to 100 points just for helping your club out !

Milestone Bonus Points

Run 500 miles in the year to earn 2o pts, reach 1,000 miles and that’s another 20 pts, manage to get to 1,500 miles and that’s another 20 pts (proof would be needed by say Strava screen shot or similar)

There are a few triathloners out there, so for you there’s 40 pts if you complete one and for the Marathon / Ultra runners there’s 50 pts for you (if you make it over the finish line) 


As per previous years, awards will be presented to men and ladies in the following age categories:







Scores will be updated as soon as possible after each event. The full list is detailed below:

  1. Ferriby 10 – 26th January
  2. Norton 9 – 1st March TBC
  3. Retford Half Marathon – 8th March
  4. Gainsborough 10k – 22nd March
  5. Epworth Easter Trail – 10th April
  6. Mile Race at the Doncaster AC Spring Open – 11th April 2019
  7. North Lincs Half – 3rd May
  8. Askern 10k – 20th May TBC
  9. Doncaster Half Marathon – 7th June
  10. Sandall Beat 10k – 10th June
  11. Round Donny Run – 19th July TBC
  12. Askern 10 Miler – 9th August
  13. Bawtry Forest Trail – September TBC
  14. Wickersley Chase – 30th September TBC
  15. Doncaster 10k – November TBC

Scores will be collated after each race and will be posted in the DAC Facebook groups. We hope to see a large DAC contingent at each of these races. Good luck!!

If you wish to opt out please let us know