Results update 28 February 2020 – Snake Lane 10, Scunthorpe 10k, Harewood House Half and parkruns

Harewood House Half Marathon – 23 February 2020

Tough half this one, off road and hilly. Well done Craig Burton who finished in 74th overall with a time of 1:51:18. 474 runners finished.

Craig said “Hardest trail half marathon to date 🙈 headwind lots of steep hills flooded fields 🌳🌲 but I got round in aid of the British heart foundation 👍🏻 thanks to my ever present support crew Katie Hudson and Corey ⭐️ legs are in bits so tv and a beer 🍺 it is happy Sundays”

Scunthorpe Valentines 10k – 23 February 2020

Age group wins for Simon Wright and Rose James. Lots of PB’s and brilliant running by all. This race was rescheduled due to a storm a few weeks ago. Unfortunately this did mean some of the original runners could not take part. It was a tough first half with a nasty headwind, slightly easier on the way back. Great to see the team doing so well and we enjoyed watching the race until the last runner finished.

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Photo by John Rainsforth
Pos.Chip time Participant CategoryClub/Company 
2536:07:00Peter Badger(M) Veteran 45+Doncaster AC
3136:55:00Simon Wright(M) Veteran 55+Doncaster AC
3236:59:00Martin James(M) Veteran 40+Doncaster AC
4037:17:00Connor Anderson(M) U20Doncaster AC
9041:47:00Merv Christison(M) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
16244:20:00Rose James(F) Veteran 40+Doncaster AC
18145:03:00Roy Turton(M) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
20546:02:00Pete Wade(M) Veteran 60+Doncaster AC
24947:14:00Michael Reynolds(M) Veteran 35+Doncaster AC
36449:55:00Martin Wilkinson(M) Veteran 45+Doncaster AC
37650:14:00Rebecca Coates(F) SeniorDoncaster AC
37750:14:00Michael Riley(M) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
47252:00:00Tracy Land(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
54353:09:00Paul Johnston(M) Veteran 55+Doncaster AC
63254:35:00Claire Angus(F) Veteran 45+Doncaster AC
75156:42:00Mick Hair(M) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
77257:09:00Tracey Christison(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
78757:38:00Tammy Cullen(F) Veteran 40+Doncaster AC
85559:05:00Bridget Bouttell(F) Veteran 55+Doncaster AC
86059:09:00Mark Kenworthy(M) Veteran 55+Doncaster AC
113401:05:39Irene Fazakerley(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
125601:10:04Jill Staves(F) Veteran 60+Doncaster AC
126801:10:57Gill Hempstock(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC

Snake Lane 10 – 23 February 2020

Martyn Walter said ” Only my second run in the event but the organisation was great, the support was great and the marshalling was spot on! Congratulations and thanks to everybody concerned 👏👏👏 “

Sam said ” Lovely race this morning at Pocklingtons Sanake Lane 10, slight niggle but nothing serious. #snakelane10 #runningwithfriends #dacfamily #raceday #justkeepmoving

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Photo by Chris Cull
1Thomas ChisholmDoncaster ACVet 3501:04:0601:04:10
2Sharon Tracey CarsonDoncaster ACVet 5501:30:1001:31:25
3Glynn JonesDoncaster ACVet 5001:31:1001:32:25
4Lucy CraystonDoncaster ACVet 6001:32:2101:33:36
5Martyn WalterDoncaster ACVet 5501:32:3301:33:50
6Neil HambletonDoncaster ACVet 4001:34:5701:36:16
7Trevor BlakeDoncaster ACVet 4001:37:1101:38:28
8Joanne BreezeDoncaster ACVet 4501:40:5001:42:07
9Amie KnottDoncaster ACVet 3501:49:3001:51:02
10Sam ProwseDoncaster ACVet 4001:55:4101:57:12
11Sandra MeakinDoncaster ACVet 4001:56:2501:57:57
12Julie CullDoncaster ACVet 6001:58:5002:00:20
13Karen GreenDoncaster ACVet 4501:59:2702:00:58
14Michelle GuestDoncaster ACVet 5501:59:3402:01:06

Parkruns – 1 February 2020


84Kelsey WILSONFemaleSW20-24Doncaster AC24:20

Rother Valley

110Martyn WALTERMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC27:29
115Janet POWELLFemaleVW60-64Doncaster AC27:49


67Grace THOMASFemaleJW15-17Doncaster AC25:20
70Nick NEWMANMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC25:43

Sandall Park

1George ROWLANDMaleJM15-17Doncaster AC19:52
19Jess ROWLANDFemaleJW11-14Doncaster AC24:04
23Phil BUSSEYMaleVM70-74Doncaster AC24:34
33Rebecca COATESFemaleSW25-29Doncaster AC25:23
72Kian BROWNMaleJM10Doncaster AC29:17
79Toni FISHERFemaleVW40-44Doncaster AC30:07
91Martin BOYDMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC31:00
94Andrea ROBINSONFemaleVW45-49Doncaster AC31:18
108John ATKINSMaleVM35-39Doncaster AC32:53

Humber Bridge

79Trevor BLAKEMaleVM40-44Doncaster AC31:27
82Mark KENWORTHYMaleVM55-59Doncaster AC32:08
98Marie-Louise TAYLORFemaleVW40-44Doncaster AC36:05


46Ian MCCREADIEMaleVM60-64Doncaster AC26:51
69Ruby EMMERSONFemaleJW15-17Doncaster AC29:06
79Bill TOPPINGMaleVM70-74Doncaster AC29:56
113Laura EMMERSONFemaleVW35-39Doncaster AC39:18
116Michael REYNOLDSMaleVM35-39Doncaster AC39:56
125Joanne REYNOLDSFemaleVW35-39Doncaster AC46:19