Changed venue for 3rd SYCAA Cross Country 16 November

Message from Pete SYCAA

“There has been a change of venue for this fixture, as our course at Northern Racing College, Doncaster is now ploughed up for maize. Brownie points to Kev Lincoln for spotting this when he went to check out the courses at the end of last week, and even more brownie points for arranging a replacement venue at very short notice.

The fixture will now take place at Campsall Country Park, Askern. I will be putting this information on the website today, but if you can let as many people know as soon as you can, that would be much appreciated.

Kev has asked me to remind all clubs that we only have access to the toilets in the Sports Centre. Outdoor shoes are not appreciated in the sports centre and plastic bags to cover muddy footwear will be provided.”