Volunteers’ Week

Between the 1st and 7th of June is National Volunteers’ Week. As we are run entirely by volunteers we think it’s the perfect chance to help more people get involved in supporting the club. We’re arranging some little events and projects to help spread the word. Every little bit of volunteering helps our young athletes, road runners, and disability athletes develop and improve, so if you are able to give your time then please do!

Volunteer Job Fair

Come and see us for the job fair! We have some of our experienced volunteers on hand to answer your questions about volunteering and help you to find what job will suit you best. Volunteering should be social and rewarding, so we can help you pick a job you will enjoy doing.

Saturday 3rd June   09.00 to 10.30

Tuesday 6th June   18.00 to 19.30


Job Adverts

If you’re unsure about signing up to help without knowing quite what you’ll be asked to do…that’s fine! We need people willing to try anything and adapt to the club’s needs as they change, but there are also plenty of roles that never change and always need doing. We hope that by making these vacancies clear, you can look for something regular that you can commit to and enjoy. Remember, if you have skills from elsewhere they could be just what we need, so feel free to offer to help, even if you’re not sure how you can.

Volunteer Q&A

Got any questions? Let us know! This is a great opportunity for you to find out more about a volunteer’s role, even if you are too embarrassed to ask in person. Want to know if it’s hard work? If it’s rewarding? How much time does it take? Get the answers you need to let you decide how you can help! Send us your questions on Facebook or through the website and we’ll answer them at the end of Volunteers’ Week.