Racing in club kit

We have a lot of new members who might not be aware of racing / running for the club in the correct kit.

If you are representing Doncaster AC in an event where you are running for the team (it does not matter if you are at the first or last to finish) then UKA rules state that you must wear the standard club kit.  We have various kit which complies with this including the standard vest, crop top, t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt (the last two items are new additions).  The consequence for not racing in club colours is that you may be disqualified from the team prize, which may affect the other members of your team.  Of course the club wants you to race in your club kit, it helps us all feel like part of the same team and the club kit is recognised far and wide.

At informal events such as parkrun or events not held with a race licence you can wear any kit.  In general, if you have given your UKA number to enter then you should wear the club kit.

If you are running for a charity then it is of course acceptable to run in the charity kit (however the team rules would still apply so you may be disqualified from the team prize).

If you are competing in a higher competition (for example your county) then you should wear the kit that is required.

The full rules on club kit  (taken form the current version of the UKA Rules for Competition)  follow:


RULE 17 CLOTHING (1) In all events competitors must wear at least vest and shorts (or equivalent clothing) which are clean and so designed and worn as not to be objectionable, even if wet.

(2) In team or relay races all competitors must wear registered vests of the same design and colour of the team they are representing, unless the Referee has given permission for a change to be made. NOTE 1: This Rule does not preclude the possibility of clothing being different in style between participants in the same team e.•g. vests of different length, cut of sleeve or collar etc. Any team clothing should, though, still broadly correspond in colour and design notwithstanding these differences. NOTE 2: Clubs are permitted to have two sets of colours registered at any one time. In team or relay races all competitors should wear registered vests of the same design.

(3) In individual English County, Scottish District, Welsh Regional and National Championships, (but excluding Road Running) athletes must wear the vest of their first-claim affiliated Club, their County or National vest, or any other Representative vest approved by UKA. The affiliated Club concerned must be the one which in terms of Rule 2(4) caters for that particular discipline of athletics. NOTE: In exceptional circumstances the Referee may grant permission for an alternative vest to be worn.

(4) Except as is allowed for in Rule 16, competitors are not allowed to take into an arena or course any form of advertising material, nor to display on their person any such advertising other than: (a) the accepted name of their affiliated Club in lettering which should not exceed 4cm in height. In the case of County vests the lettering indicating the name shall not exceed 6cm in height. (b) a single Trade Mark of the manufacturer of the clothing they are wearing which may appear on the upper body attire. This Mark must not exceed 20 square cm, with the lettering maximum height of 4cm and the total logo maximum height of 5cm. On lower body attire the logo shall not exceed 20 square cm with maximum height of 4cm and may only appear once.