A Road Runners Guide To England Athletics Affiliation Fees As Seen By Doncaster AC


Doncaster AC was born in 2006, as an amalgam of other Doncaster Clubs, we moved to the Keepmoat in January 2007. From the date the Club paid £50 to England Athletics to become an Affiliated Club.

Individual Club membership fees included, initial registration, member fee and competition licence fee of £5 (in other words the EA individual affiliation fee). This £5 fee has remained unchanged for the last five years until this year when the EA affiliation fee was increased to £10 for anyone 11 years or over. As of 2015 it will be £12.

What is the EA Affiliation fee for?

This fee provides you with a competition licence to enter “relevant” races, as a Club Member. Relevant races are those requiring participants running as a Club member, to hold an EA Competition Licence Number. Historically these were regional and national road and cross country races such as 12 and 6 stage relays and Mansfield Cross Country Relays. Over time many open road races ask for Club Runners to have an EA affiliated number unless they enter as an unattached runner, for example we ask for this number to enter our races in Doncaster. The fee also enables your results to be included on The Power of Ten.

You should also note that you will be required to provide your EA Affiliation Number to enter any South Yorkshire Road League, Cross Country or Track and Field Event.

So what do you need to as a Doncaster AC member?

As an adult road runner, who does not use the track or enter any track and field events or regional or national events, as described above, there are two options open to you:

  1. Full membership. This entitles you to use the track, toilets, showers, car park and have a vote at any |Club meeting and entitles you to apply for an EA competition fee on payment of the appropriate amount (currently £10). You may also enter any race in the Clubs name wearing a Club vest.
  2. Social membership. This entitles you to use the toilets and showers, car park. You may not enter any race in the Club name or race wearing a Club vest and by implication you will not be able to apply for an EA competition licence. You also lose the right to vote at any Club meeting.

What if I decide to become a full member or social member and decide to enter a race in the Club name?

Currently, there is nothing in the Club Rules to prevent this, but a rule change is to be proposed at the next AGM (26th March) to change the rules and propose sanctions such as revoking of club membership where breaches are proven.

What if I just want to enter local races as a member of Doncaster AC?

To do this you must have full club membership, you do not necessarily have to apply for an EA competition licence, unless the Race Organiser asks you for your EA number. Don’t forget to run in any of our Club races, as a member of a Club, we will be asking for your EA number otherwise you must enter unattached and race in an alternative vest.