Minutes from Coaches and Run Leaders Meeting 12/09/2017

12th September 2017

Barry Barnes, Emma Hurst (England Athletics (EA) Club Support Officer), Dave Blackburn, Bill Davies, Eric Whitehead, Martin Godfrey, Martin James, Mike Cooke, Kaydon Rowe, Janet Kerry, Sarah Smith, Jody Breeze

Dan Winmill, Les Grant, Jude Allam, John Blackshaw, Judy Revitt, Wayne Dorey

BB thanked everyone for their attendance and gave a brief outline of the evenings agenda. He introduced EH and she informed the group of the discussions and meeting that she has had with BB to ensure the group was moving in the right direction. She confirmed that the model that the group were being advised to adopt is one that EA endorses and that she is using this with other clubs she supports. EH was complimentary of the efforts the club was making with regards to coach development and asked that the efforts being made are fully supported

Terms of Reference
These were approved, with one minor amendment relating to the Regional Coaching group. EH confirmed that this group was no longer in place but it would be advisable to have a reference to the regional workshops that are available, suggesting that the coaching group could advice coaches that they attend at least 2 as part of their continuing coach development (CCD). EH was asked if Dac was the only club that was struggling with developing a coaching structure and movement of children and young athletes. EH explained that she is working with a number of clubs to support them in addressing similar issues.

Coaching Structure
BB presented the template as suggested by EA. He went through the structure and invited questions. He explained that coaches/run leaders could place themselves within any group they felt able to contribute too. EH answered questions related to coaching structures and the progression of A365. She confirmed that a review of A365 is taking place and invited interested coaches to contribute to this.
A question raided related to the movement of athletes and this provided the opportunity for the group to be given a handout on the UKA Athlete Development Pathway

UKA Athlete Development Pathway
This document was briefly discussed but, due to time constraints, it was agreed that this be be further explored at the next meeting.

Track Nights
A handout explained the opportunities available for clubs to be supported through a series of practical sessions delivered at the club on club nights

Next meeting to be arranged after discussion with coaches