Results update 10 January 2019 – Cleethorpes 10k, Hardmoors 15 Mile, Cross Country and parkruns

Cleethorpes 10k – 1 January 2019

A great start to the new year for our runners at Cleethorpes.

46Andrew TeasdaleDoncaster ACSenior00:39:5800:40:05
103Jayne BaldwinDoncaster ACVet 5000:43:1900:43:24
117Paul BondDoncaster ACVet 5500:44:2800:44:39

Hardmoors 15 – 1 January 2019

Jonathan Frary had a great run, finishing 3rd overall out of 132 runners with a time of 1:56:24.

photo by Sam Griffiths

The route was a circular starting at Robin Hoods Bay following the rail trail briefly south before heading north on the Cleveland Way back through Robin Hoods Bay to pick up the rail trail again. Once on the rail trail the route continues northbound to Whitby, at the end of the line the Cleveland Way is once again picked up and is followed on its southward leg passing by Whitby Abbey and along stunning coastline to return back to Robin Hoods Bay and the Race Finish.

Yorkshire Cross Country Championships – 5 January 2019

Thanks to Kev and Bill for looking after us as usual.

Congratulations to members Joe Phillips U20, George Rowland U17, Henry Cullen U15 qualifying for Intercounties Cross Country and Hugo Cullen U13 reserve. Its a great achievement to get a county vest! It was good to see numbers up at this competition this year.

A set of photos can be found here.

U13 Boys

8112:15Adam Jones

U13 Girls

5411:20Julia Stubbs

U15 Boys – 5th Team (1st in South Yorkshire)

1415:38Jack Pell
1815:51Edward Phillips
4216:57Adam Allam

U15 Girls

2715:53Millie Purchase
7219:25Sophie James

U17 Men – 5th team (1st team in South Yorkshire)

20Joe Warren22:06
26Connor Anderson23:03
39Jordan Poulston25:46

Senior Ladies (30th team)

22Molly Butterworth30:41
139Rose James39:51
193Sarah Smith49:52
194Joanne Breeze49:42

U20 Men

6Joseph Phillips29:21

Senior Men (34th team)

104James Osborne39:20
113Martin James39:39
253Mark Webster47:23
285Steve Fox49:22
294Stuart Lindsay50:42
314Glynn Jones56:04

Humberside Cross Country Championships – 5 January 2019

U15 – 4th place, Henry Cullen, 19:59 – 5000m

U13 – 9th place, Hugo Cullen, 11:38 – 2700m

Parkruns 1 January 2019

Several of our runners did the NYD double. A Win forGeorge PHILLIPS.

first timers were Martin JAMES Jack PELL Sharon MAUGHAN Marc PELL Nick NEWMAN Jack PELL Sharon MAUGHAN Marc PELL Martin JAMES Mark WEBSTER Dawn GOODINGS Claire SAYLES

PB’s for


1George PHILLIPS16:52SM18-1978.16 %M1Doncaster ACNew PB!116
10Joe PHILLIPS18:48JM15-1771.81 %M10Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:4887
17Martin JAMES19:10VM40-4472.26 %M17Doncaster ACFirst Timer!91
27Michael RICHARDSON19:54VM35-3966.67 %M26Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:19:0210
94Mark WEBSTER22:46VM45-4963.25 %M85Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:0975
197Rose JAMES26:47VW40-4457.13 %F28Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:09117


27Jane PURCHASE21:44VW55-5982.21 %F2Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:205


6Jack PELL18:34JM15-1774.96 %M6Doncaster ACFirst Timer!41
219Sharon MAUGHAN27:32VW45-4958.84 %F53Doncaster ACFirst Timer!68
256Marc PELL28:45VM40-4448.58 %M188Doncaster ACFirst Timer!45

Peter Pan

166Nick NEWMAN25:42VM55-5961.35 %M146Doncaster ACFirst Timer!123


123Mike CLEASBY26:10VM45-4954.20 %M103Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:16157


10Jack PELL19:03JM15-1773.05 %M10Doncaster ACFirst Timer!41
58Shaz WOOD22:18VW35-3967.26 %F6Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:1520
218Sharon MAUGHAN27:00VW45-4960.00 %F44Doncaster ACFirst Timer!68
323Marc PELL29:08VM40-4447.94 %M238Doncaster ACFirst Timer!45
494Sophie ROYLE34:43JW15-1743.54 %F190Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:1555


403Angela LAMBERT38:37VW40-4440.14 %F171Doncaster ACNew PB!22

Humber Bridge

142Nick NEWMAN25:46VM55-5961.19 %M125Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:04123


3George PHILLIPS17:53SM18-1973.72 %M3Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:38116
14Joe PHILLIPS19:58JM15-1767.61 %M14Doncaster ACNew PB!87
15Martin JAMES20:05VM40-4468.96 %M15Doncaster ACFirst Timer!91
57Edward PHILLIPS22:46JM11-1462.30 %M53Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:1385
90Simon PARKIN24:24VM45-4959.97 %M83Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:5391
154Ben METCALFE26:26JM11-1453.66 %M136Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:1912
167Rose JAMES26:57VW40-4456.77 %F23Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:30117
168Mark WEBSTER26:57VM45-4953.43 %M145Doncaster ACFirst Timer!75
435Dawn GOODINGS34:28VW45-4948.07 %F138Doncaster ACFirst Timer!52
477Claire SAYLES35:40VW35-3942.43 %F165Doncaster ACFirst Timer!22


79Mike CLEASBY27:57VM45-4950.75 %M62Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:17157

Parkruns 5 January 2019

First timers were Elizabeth HORSLEY Bill TOPPING David WATTS Nick NEWMAN

PB’s for

At Doncaster
Ben WATKINSON was 1st DAC man to finish and Shaz WOOD was first Lady overall.


268Elizabeth HORSLEY41:46VW35-3935.91 %F134Doncaster ACFirst Timer!6


89Paul BROWN27:35VM65-6961.93 %M71Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:01205


14Sebastian PUGH21:34SM30-3460.12 %M14Doncaster ACNew PB!41


137Mike CLEASBY25:30VM45-4955.62 %M113Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:27157


349Susan HOOKWAY34:31VW40-4444.91 %F121Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:2971
380Angela LAMBERT36:04VW40-4442.98 %F143Doncaster ACNew PB!22


98Lianna CAIRNS41:20SW25-2935.81 %F37Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:0211

Rother Valley

42Roy TURTON22:46VM50-5465.30 %M36Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:4015
277Claire SAYLES32:22VW35-3946.76 %F100Doncaster ACNew PB!22
296Stuart BEEBY33:40VM55-5946.83 %M183Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:1829
300Sue BEEBY33:43VW60-6456.75 %F116Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:1875


27George LAING21:50VM55-5972.21 %M25Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:0389
56Kirsty LAING24:08SW30-3461.46 %F7Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:1158


2Ben WATKINSON18:17JM15-1776.12 %M2Doncaster ACNew PB!8
4Peter BADGER18:48VM40-4474.82 %M4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:21120
5Mariusz FELCZEREK18:57VM40-4472.03 %M5Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:1668
6Max JOYNES19:23JM15-1770.68 %M6Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:5821
9Jonathan FRARY20:32VM35-3965.50 %M9Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:1286
20Phil BUSSEY21:08VM70-7483.44 %M20Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:0275
26Pete WADE22:08VM60-6473.12 %M26Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:3292
29Shaz WOOD22:24VW35-3966.96 %F1Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:3620
30Andrew TEASDALE22:26SM25-2957.50 %M29Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:4841
32Peter OLIVER22:41VM55-5970.10 %M31Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:4251
40Maurice RODWELL23:18VM55-5966.52 %M39Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:19:2118
46Justyna FELCZEREK23:53VW35-3963.36 %F2Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:5418
70Fawad SHAH25:21SM25-2950.89 %M64Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:007
86Margaret BUTLER26:29VW60-6472.25 %F8Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:4256
116Peter BUTLER28:02VM60-6458.74 %M99Doncaster ACNew PB!60
166Janet POWELL30:00VW55-5962.89 %F41Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:29:2716
179John ATKINS30:43VM35-3943.19 %M133Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5517
210Julie GUEST32:13VW55-5956.18 %F62Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:39118
218Caroline FINDLAY32:54VW40-4447.82 %F66Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:3974
236Keith LAWRENCE33:58VM60-6447.64 %M164Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:30:4218
251Lynette JENKINS34:42VW55-5951.49 %F82Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:5460
252Sue MAY34:43VW55-5953.58 %F83Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:5916
264Lynne WEBB35:32VW60-6455.39 %F91Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:35:2013
265Yvonne GIBBON35:41VW45-4945.40 %F92Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:1618
266Michelle GUEST35:42VW55-5950.05 %F93Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:34:0848
282Ken GREAVES37:50VM70-7447.80 %M178Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:35:1550
283Karen GUG37:50VW45-4943.26 %F105Doncaster ACNew PB!2
316Joanne REYNOLDS46:06SW30-3432.32 %F130Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:34:1415
323Nicola DUFFY1:03:40VW40-4424.71 %F137Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:48:0416

Sherwood Pines

87Kate BACON26:45SW25-2955.33 %F17Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:4816


88Bill TOPPING28:01VM70-7463.71 %M67Doncaster ACFirst Timer!198


31David WATTS22:46SM30-3457.32 %M31Doncaster ACFirst Timer!53
72Nick NEWMAN25:28VM55-5961.91 %M60Doncaster ACFirst Timer!123