Results update 12 April 2019 – Manchester Marathon, Masters 10k, Lincoln 10k, Hornsea 1/3rd, Bedford Tri and parkruns

Manchester Marathon – 7 April 2019

Lots of hard training and great execution of the race got our athletes some brilliant times.

Angie wrote “Well what a weekend !! Had an absolutely fab time in Manchester, hotel & food/drinking joints were all great, spa & treatment were fantastic… followed by a gruler of a 26.2miles today !! (Strava says 27.2so I’ll take that !) great weather for it, my body just wasn’t quite ready, blisters, chafe patches, painful shins & achey glutes all played a part.. but I finished in 5hr 24. Im ok with that time to say I wasn’t really ready for it… a massive thank you to Becky HB, my amazing friend, coach & inspiration.. without you the weekend wouldn’t have happened.. now sat feeling proud of my achievement but very achey & tired while waiting for pizza delivery.. red wine also poured and in arms reach ! Thank god im working from home this week !! “

Thomas Chisholm3544MO3503:30:1603:26:24
Rebecca Henry-Brown15710FV5505:15:0404:43:36
paul willis12901MV4505:44:2205:13:21
Angela Clarke18471FV4005:59:5905:24:37

British Masters 10k Road Championships – 7 April 2019

Great running by Kevin Newman who finished 2nd in the V60 masters competition with a chip time of 37:43.

Lincoln 10k – 7 April 2019

Great turn out and running by our members, you inspire us all.

Laura wrote “After 5 years I finally made it to the start line at Lincoln 10k without it clashing with another race! Can’t say I enjoyed this one, the stand still at 1/4 mile in didn’t help! But it’s one ticked off the list and happy with my time “

1268Glynn JonesMaleM5000:52:1600:51:10
3127Laura MannFemaleF01:06:3501:03:43
3141Isobel HossackFemaleF6001:06:5101:04:45
3410Sandra SimmoniteFemaleF5001:09:2901:07:23
3812Jill StavesFemaleF5001:14:3001:11:10
3884Tracy MillerFemaleF4001:15:3101:11:32
3887Sandra MeakinFemaleF4001:15:3301:11:34
4121Lynne WebbFemaleF6001:19:4801:14:58

Hornsea 1/3rd Marathon – 7 April 2019

Top running by all our runners 🙂

MaleJonathan FraryDoncaster Athletic Club35-39 00:57:02 00:57:09
FemaleVicky LindleyDoncaster Athletic Club35-39 01:42:40 01:43:09

And well done to Social member Claire Beegan who finished in 1:42:40.

British Triathlon Standard Duathlon Champs – Bedford

Another top performance from regular training partner Jayne “Silver medal at the British Standard duathlon Championships today at a very cold and windy Bedford, behind 1st place Angela Joiner Hardy – ex GB Commonwealth runner!! Early to bed now as have been up since 5am”

Parkruns 6 April 2019

PB’s for Hugo CULLEN , Michael CULLEN , Tammy CULLEN , Rob PEACH , Joanne REYNOLDS , Peter OLIVER , Wayne CODDINGTON , Dawn GOODINGS , Warren INGRAM , Kevin BRENNAN . Samantha HILL , Vicky KEVERNE .

First timers were Julie CULL , Kevin WAUGH , Keith LAWRENCE , Lynette JENKINS , Mark KENWORTHY , Sophie BEEVERS , Jeannette WALTERS , Mike CLEASBY , Stuart KERSHAW , Lee MARRIOTT , Leanne MARRIOTT

At Doncaster 1st to finish was Peter BADGER and 1st DAC lady was Dawn GOODINGS. Topping the age graded performances was Phil BUSSEY


87Kelsey WILSON25:14SW20-2458.65 %F14Doncaster ACFirst Timer!16


31Hugo CULLEN22:39JM11-1467.55 %M30Doncaster ACNew PB!11
140Michael CULLEN31:40VM40-4444.42 %M94Doncaster ACNew PB!6
141Tammy CULLEN31:40VW40-4448.95 %F47Doncaster ACNew PB!6


25Rob PEACH24:00VM45-4959.51 %M23Doncaster ACNew PB!122
62Julie CULL26:58VW60-6471.94 %F11Doncaster ACFirst Timer!67
74Kevin WAUGH28:07VM55-5954.65 %M57Doncaster ACFirst Timer!40
84Jody BREEZE28:37VW45-4956.03 %F20Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:3857
108Keith LAWRENCE31:04VM60-6452.52 %M71Doncaster ACFirst Timer!25
123Lynette JENKINS33:28VW55-5953.39 %F47Doncaster ACFirst Timer!66
124Mark KENWORTHY33:30VM50-5445.47 %M77Doncaster ACFirst Timer!62

Rother Valley

82Nick NEWMAN24:09VM55-5965.84 %M70Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:37132
209Sophie BEEVERS29:58SW20-2449.39 %F65Doncaster ACFirst Timer!2
266Emma FERNANDEZ33:42VW40-4445.99 %F96Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:4640
283Joanne REYNOLDS35:15VW35-3942.41 %F111Doncaster ACNew PB!22

Clumber park

224Jeannette WALTERS31:59VW60-6462.43 %F89Doncaster ACFirst Timer!42


140Mike CLEASBY30:22VM45-4946.71 %M89Doncaster ACFirst Timer!169


15Stuart KERSHAW21:20SM30-3460.63 %M14Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1


89Lee MARRIOTT26:12VM45-4955.85 %M76Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
250Leanne MARRIOTT39:54SW30-3437.09 %F103Doncaster ACFirst Timer!2


1Peter BADGER17:31VM40-4480.30 %M1Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:21128
4Connor ANDERSON18:15JM15-1775.07 %M4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:1431
5Martin JAMES18:44VM40-4474.56 %M5Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:3297
6Jack PELL18:57JM15-1773.44 %M6Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:2746
7Simon WRIGHT18:58VM50-5480.32 %M7Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:0735
11Andrew TEASDALE19:59SM25-2964.55 %M11Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:4850
18Phil BUSSEY20:58VM70-7484.10 %M18Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:0279
19Pete WADE21:02VM60-6476.94 %M19Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:32100
24George LAING21:21VM55-5973.85 %M24Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:19:4597
28Peter OLIVER21:34VM60-6474.34 %M28Doncaster ACNew PB!61
32Niall HORSTEAD22:27SM25-2957.46 %M32Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:19:1162
49Simon PARKIN23:53VM45-4961.27 %M48Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:4798
67Harry FLINT24:48JM11-1458.47 %M62Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:1719
80Wayne CODDINGTON25:56VM60-6461.83 %M71Doncaster ACNew PB!6
86Paul JOHNSTON26:27VM50-5457.59 %M77Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5237
100Peter FORRESTER26:58VM60-6459.46 %M88Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:10159
101Martyn WALTER26:59VM55-5958.43 %M89Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:15120
103John ATKINS27:04VM35-3949.32 %M91Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5522
105Dawn GOODINGS27:08VW45-4961.06 %F13Doncaster ACNew PB!62
125Peter BUTLER28:09VM60-6458.50 %M107Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:0262
133Marc PELL28:32VM40-4449.30 %M111Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:4452
137Alan THIMBLEBY28:36VM55-5955.59 %M114Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:017
144Warren INGRAM29:02VM40-4447.01 %M117Doncaster ACNew PB!5
148Darren WHYMAN29:16VM45-4949.20 %M119Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:4125
152Kevin BRENNAN29:30VM60-6455.31 %M122Doncaster ACNew PB!17
166Martin BOYD29:58VM55-5952.17 %M129Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:55154
189Laura FRASER31:24VW40-4449.36 %F55Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:29:1343
218Lynnette-Jane TEMPERTON-BALL34:44VW55-5951.44 %F70Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:30:0349
220Sue GREAVES34:56VW70-7463.74 %F71Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:5336
222Yvonne GIBBON35:07VW45-4946.13 %F73Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:1628
223Michelle GUEST35:07VW55-5951.54 %F74Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:34:0856
225Gill PICK35:16VW50-5448.72 %F75Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:0529
234Kayleigh CODDINGTON-BISHOP37:11SW30-3439.98 %F82Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:36:586
237Samantha HILL38:05VW40-4440.70 %F83Doncaster ACNew PB!3
238Vicky KEVERNE38:05VW45-4941.71 %F84Doncaster ACNew PB!3
244Lynn OLSEN39:21VW45-4942.10 %F89Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:39:054
253Mark CAWOOD42:38VM45-4933.27 %M157Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:40:1060
254Shaynie CODDINGTON42:43VW55-5943.54 %F97Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:4624