YDL Lower Fixture 1 – Saturday 3rd May 2014

Saturday 3rd May 2014

At Spinkhill

Below is the list of athletes that have been chosen to represent the club at the forthcoming fixture. If for any reason you are unable to attend please inform the team managers/reception immediately in order that a substitute can be found.

Unless you have been advised otherwise please note that you are required to arrive at the venue & report to a team manager.

                                    Field events start at:                11:00

                                    Track events start at:               11:30

For those who have booked a space, our team coach will depart from the Vue at 09:35




Under 13

Katie Barnes

Millie Colbear

Charlotte Gillis

Kayleigh Grant

Nicole Lannie

Jessica O’Brien

Maddie Simpson

Under 15

Darcy Atkinson

Alice Bastow

Molly Butterworth

Laura Chappell

Megan Colbeck

Isabella Lannie

Mollie Magee-Sharpe

Emily Riley

Rachael Thacker

Summer Ward

Ellie Watts

Kara Wilson

Lucy Cobham

Under 13

Daniel Boyd

Sam Godfrey

Alex Colbeck

Adam Simms

Harry Watts

Under 15

Emil Abiad

Rhys Jackson

Harry McCrae

Liam Moore

Guy Richards

Nathan Williams

Also could Callum Blackburn and Ciaran Gaffney please contact the Team Manager to confirm your selection.

If you have not been chosen on this occasion please do not be disheartened as you may be required to compete in the remaining fixtures – please check the notice boards.

Lisa Wilson